MOST WANTED – ‘Ziga Clan’ members still on the run after murdering cop

Source: MOST WANTED – ‘Ziga Clan’ members still on the run after murdering cop | The Herald 29 JAN, 2020

MOST WANTED – ‘Ziga Clan’ members still on the run after murdering cop

Heather Charema in Kadoma 

Kadoma: Police here have launched a manhunt for five suspected members of the notorious machete wielding gang called the ‘Ziga clan’ who are on their wanted persons’ list for murder, robbery and assault charges.

The gang members are prime suspects in the murder of a police officer, Constable Wonder Hokoyo.

Constable Hokoyo was murdered on 28 December at Goodhope mine in Battlefields Kadoma. Government has stepped up efforts to thwart crimes perpetrated by machete gangs in gold-rich belts.

Speaking to The Herald on Wednesday, Officer in charge Kadoma Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Detective Chief Inspector Augustine Nhete appealed to the members of the public to assist with information on the whereabouts of the suspects.

“The following machete wielding gang members of the ‘ZIGA clan’ are at large and are wanted by the Criminal Investigations Department in Kadoma. The five are Vusa Tshuma, Givemore Tshuma, Anywhere Nkomeni who is commonly known as Dhinde, and Talent who is also known as Kwadez,” he said.

“They are prime suspects on the murder of Constable Wonder Hokoyo who was attacked and murdered by machete gang members in December last year at Brompton, Goodhope mine in Kadoma and are also on CID Kadoma’s wanted list for robbery with other weapons and assault cases.

“Anyone with information on their whereabouts or their last known address should avail it at CID Kadoma through our communications department or call our hotline on 068-2122427 as soon as possible.

“We call on the public to assist us by availing useful information that can assist us in the investigations of all machete related crimes,” Detective Chief Inspector Nhete.

Officer Commanding CID Kadoma, Manyame and Chegutu districts Chief Superintendent Obert Ngirazi said police will hunt down all machete gangs.

“Police are on high alert and we would like to tell the members of the machete wielding gangs that their days are numbered. We will not hesitate to arrest and bring the culprits to book,” he said.