Mugabe daughter in gold mine wrangle

FORMER President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona Chikore is battling Chinese investor TianBao Minerals Industries over ownership of a Mazowe-based gold claim.

Source: Mugabe daughter in gold mine wrangle – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 12, 2018


Bona, who owns Confidence Mining (Pvt) Ltd, has filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court seeking a Spoliation order to stop the Chinese miner from taking over her claim.

In her founding affidavit, Bona who is represented by Chivore Dzingirai Group of Lawyers submitted that Confidence Mining Company was carrying out mining operations at Smithfield Farm in Mazowe after being granted a special grant by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, sometime in 2016.

Bona then installed a gold mill at the farm. It is alleged on December 3, TianBao came with police and threatened to unlawfully take over the gold mill without a court order.

It is alleged TianBao executives and their accomplices said they were politically connected and could do whatever they wished. Bona submitted that TianBao produced a letter which purported to give them authority to evict her from the property.

Bona said the letter was not a court order and does not give the lawful right to evict her. She further said even if TianBao has the mining claims at the farm that does not at law entitle them to dispossess her of the gold mill or interfere with her operations.

TiaBao, which is represented by Ngwerume Attorneys is yet to respond to the summons.


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    Doris 3 years ago

    1.  Where did she earn the money to BUY a farm and run a gold mine.        2.  Oh dear, the “letter” does not appear to be legal.             3..  What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. 4.  What comes round goes round.  5.  What the hell is she doing still in Zimbabwe?        6.  Why hasn’t ED put her on the corruption list for investigation?

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    ” It is alleged TianBao executives and their accomplices said they were politically connected and could do whatever they wished”.

    How that situation must have little spoiled girl Bona cry for the good old days when U Baba and all his friends in ZANU PF were in that same lucky situation.

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    Fallenz 3 years ago

    i think Doris is correct.  If she purchased the farm, then show the transfer of purchase funds to the title holders.  If she stole the property, then return it to the title holders, and they are free to do as they wish.  Gold or no gold, problem solved… or does that make too much sense.