Mugabe to be buried in 30 days: family

The country’s chiefs want the burial site prepared which could take up to 30 days.

Source: Mugabe to be buried in 30 days: family | eNCA

It seems the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe will only be buried in 30 days. The country’s Chiefs want the burial site at National Heroes Acre prepared first. The government’s 21 gun salute has been postponed. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG – The burial date of former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is still a mystery.

The country’s chiefs want the burial site prepared which could take up to 30 days.

Mugabe‘s family wants the body preserved until then.

“It’s a mourning period it depends on where you come from, some have seven days, 14 days others have 40 days mourning period. What I know is people will have to disperse and then the family will reconverge. Because we can’t be sitting here for 30 days once they’ve come up with a date then everybody will know,” said family spokesperson, Leo Mugabe.


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    Povo Yabvuma 3 years ago

    Every vampire has its own day. Chachaya. Those you dissolved in acid and those you murdered and stagged head on accidents are watching and their blood is crying. Uchati chii.

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    Aluta 3 years ago

    Itai Dzamara 5—-Mugabe 0

  • comment-avatar
    ace mukadota 3 years ago

    I thought he was being buried on Sunday ? Why all the dilly dallying ?

  • comment-avatar
    Zambuko 3 years ago

    This is becoming macabre, ghoulish a malevolent endgame to accomodate the wishes of the family of a discredited despot. You can hear him, cackling from beyond the grave, clawing his bitter revenge on those ” that done him wrong”. If you want an example of how he destroyed democracy and a civil sense of proportion in Zimbabwe…

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    Most Annoyed 3 years ago

    Annoyed: Even in death hes still costing the citizens of our country lots of money!!

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    Ndonga 3 years ago

    Mugabe to be buried in 30 days? Give us hungry Zimbabweans a break.

    Why not make it 30 years when you’re playing with other people’s lives Leo? Zimbabwe will not be doing anything important in those long years.

    Leo Mugabe can easily talk big and expensive as he knows that we’ll be paying the bills as we’ve always done for Mugabe and his many very expensive relatives and praise singing flunkies.

    But let’s hope that they find enough diesel for electricity to keep him fresh and smart for his big occasion…and our happy occasion.

    But as an aside, did our Grace not look properly regal and sad in her black face veil on TV. But no doubt our lady praying mantis is already excited about her next big meal.

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    The delay is because the fire in Hell has gone out, they have had this problem before when Idi Armin, Hitler, Ganges khan, Stalin, Ceausescu’s, Peron, Mrs Thatcher etc was expected. It’s a design problem, cannot get it hot enough.