Mugabe to dump losers

via Daily News – Mugabe to dump losers

HARARE – Zanu PF heavyweights who lost in the just-ended harmonised elections, among them serial political flip-flopper Jonathan Moyo, have little chance of getting into government following President Robert Mugabe’s vow not to let “losers” get into government.

Mugabe made this clear in June while he was in Japan for the 5th Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

The 89-year-old leader who has just received a fresh mandate to form a new government after winning the disputed elections, said Zanu PF members who would have been rejected in their constituencies would not be allowed to take part in government.

He said Zanu PF would not go the MDC route which appointed professors Arthur Mutambara and Welshman Ncube who had been “dishonoured” by their people into government as “honourable” ministers.

Last week, Moyo desperately tried to save himself by appealing to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) for a recount of the votes but this was thwarted when the winner, MDC’s Roseline Sipepa-Nkomo took the matter to the High Court.

The court turned down Moyo’s request after the former Information minister reportedly said there were flaws in the Tsholotsho North Constituency where he was contesting on a Zanu PF ticket.

The Daily News has been told that Moyo was dumped by the people of Tsholotsho North following his controversial decision to join Zanu PF when he had been elected in 2008 as an independent candidate.

The people in his former constituency were reportedly angered that he duped them into believing that he had nothing to do with Zanu PF only to rejoin the party after winning his ticket to Parliament.

Moyo was minister of Information and Publicity between 2000 and 2005 and was reportedly eyeing the same ministerial post but if Mugabe stands by his vows, then the former University of Zimbabwe lecturer will be reduced to a mere strategist at Zanu PF.

During his time, Moyo orchestrated the crafting of draconian media laws that saw the arrests, of media practitioners and the closure of several newspapers including the Daily News and its sister paper the Daily News on Sunday.

Businessman, Phillip Chiyangwa who was hoping to make a massive political comeback, lost to MDC’s Peter Mataruse, making him the only Zanu PF candidate to lose in Mashonaland West.

In March 2012 his appointment as the vice chairman for Mashonaland West Province was nullified by Zanu PF’s politburo following a complaint from another candidate who had lost.

Chiyangwa was reduced to a mere card-carrying member.

Not only has this election seen people like Moyo and Chiyangwa being left out in the cold but has seen the resurgence of perennial losers like Amos Midzi (Epworth) and Tendai Savanhu (Mbare).

Midzi was in the Zanu PF government as the minister of Energy and Power Development and later as minister of Mines and Mining Development from 2002 to 2009 but began to systematically lose to MDC candidates.

Other Zanu PF bigwigs including Joseph Made (former minister of Agriculture), Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Sikhanyiso Ndlovu were ousted from the race earlier at the party’s primary elections.

However, the Zimbabwean Constitution gives the president powers to appoint up to five non-constituency MPs.

Chapter 5 Section 104 (3) states that “… Ministers and Deputy Ministers are appointed from among Senators or Members of the National Assembly, but up to five, chosen for their professional skills and competence, may be appointed from outside Parliament…”

It remains to be seen what Mugabe will do following his vow that losers will not be allowed into government as they were ‘dishonoured’ by their constituencies.

Besides the losers, Mugabe is also scratching his head on the tribal balancing, appeasement of Zanu PF factions and rewarding young politicians who also made it to Parliament when he makes his Cabinet appointments.


  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 9 years ago

    Whatever mugabe does or does not do, he ain’t going to get Zimbabwe back on track.

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 9 years ago

      It was deliberate in the rigging process for Moyo and Chiyangwa to loose. That’s how he is going to justify their non-inclusion if he so decides.

      He wouldn’t have tried that openly because he also want to be seen as a “clean” man playing it “clean.” Mugabe is a cunning man for sure.Hakaiti kamudhara ikaka.

      • comment-avatar
        Kevin Watson 9 years ago

        The reason why Chiyangwa and Moyo lost is that there was no rigging in those constituencies and the peoples will prevailed.

    • comment-avatar
      Diego Zhaba 9 years ago

      Very true. I forsee him bringing in Welshman and Mutambara in the government.

    • comment-avatar
      Ed Melik, Esq. 9 years ago

      Mike is one of those nay Sayers who follow the direction of the wind while on their own there’s no navigation or any specific planning. Wherever sails take them they will go without a ruder. Mugabe has maintained law and order despite the most rigorous anti-Zimbabwean white man’s sanctions that has literally crippled the nation. All these years when any country could have fallen apart and would’ve succumbed to civil unrest and widespread violence, Zimbabwean stayed the course and kept their resolve and most, if not all the credit goes to president Mugabe and his administration. In president Mugabe’s defense, one only has to walk around the streets of Zimbabwe and witness the calm and collected Zimbabweans trying hard to keep a vigil of civility, calmness and continued struggle of meeting their daily needs. These are obviously difficult conditions but when the strongest economies of the world try and strangle you from all sides, one does not have the luxury of choices but to remain consistently positive for better things to come. Each and every living Zimbabwean is the richest person living on earth once the revival of Mugabe’s newly planned country’s enrichment policies through empowering each Zimbabwean takes place and allow everyone to seek the best opportunities within their means but with the help and guidance of Zimbabwe government for new Zimbabwe. We are hoping that new Zimbabwe and renewed Mugabe would unleash a relentless drive of economic overhaul of the system that has, despite all the odds, survived but did not alleviate the unending economic stalemate that exists today. Zimbabwean economists must follow very unique Zimbabwean monetization policies without hawking the future mineral wealth to those who are pounding Zimbabwean doors to lend money against the future of Zimbabwe’s mineral riches. This would be a grave mistake to allow the international mafia like the IMF and the World Bank and other alike to offer loans to Zimbabwe for they can’t wait to get their dirty hands on the future of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has all the wealth that the West has their eyes upon after they have decimated theirs. Once the West finds a small entry into the unending world of gold, diamond, platinum, and many other minerals they would stop at nothing and this is exactly what Zimbabwe must guard against. Develop its own mining projects and use innovative financing tools such as “futures in gold and Diamonds and Platinum” and market such futures worldwide through a network of financial brokers who would give their right arms for the real growth in this sector for they know the real value of the wealth lies under the furtile land of Zimbabwe. There are no tricks of financial creativity that is not tried and tested by the Wall Street who is known to create hundreds of billions from thin air without having an ounce of gold or any similar real asset against raising such capital. Zimbabwe can raise tens of billions (even hundreds of billions) of dollars toward the futures of its minerals without borrowing one cent from any one. President Mugabe must form a team of such experts who know how to create an economic environment real fast and with real innovative methods. Institutionalized and standard economic methods will not work and has not worked. Real genius of Wall Street investment banking is what is needed but without loosing control and not letting the Wall Street be on driver’s seat. As a banker and an attorney I have already discussed these issues and there lies an immense opportunity for Zimbabwe to put on a thinking hat and seek real capital raising opportunities as investments from abroad and not as loans for the future of Zimbabwe’s economy to get it a kick started what it needs. There is no panacea but a real innovative methods that are available to the plight of Zimbabwe’s economic woes.

      • comment-avatar

        Oh dear me! Surrounding every despot (dictator/tyrant) there are the boot-lickers (or as one other (unrelated) comment said ‘booty-lickers!). I wonder where you’ll be when the tide turns and your ‘ruder’ (sic) has steered you onto history’s rocks.

        Here’s hoping you get your value’s worth from all the riches of Zimbabwe – ‘cept for you being at the tail end of the line…it’s the natural queue order of sycophants.

      • comment-avatar
        chris black 9 years ago

        Ed malik…you hit the nail on the head..I hope your info gets to the right ears

  • comment-avatar
    oliver 9 years ago

    If Mugabe is an honest Catholic Christian, he should start by dumping himself.

    • comment-avatar
      nesbert majon 9 years ago

      point taken Oliver

    • comment-avatar
      chris black 9 years ago

      Honest christian Catholic. ..come on..honesty starts at the the Vatican should be held accountable 1st..

    • comment-avatar

      Like the honest white Christians who ruled Rhodesia for decades with bible in one hand and the guns in the other. Where did the good Lord go with their atrocities and crimes they committed. Before you judge Mugabe, why don’t you look at all the Western countries and see what is the sad state of affairs of Christianity and the bible in such “civilized God loving peole”?
      Entire West is in total decay and getting worse. So your Bible is not doing too well with them. Or is it?

  • comment-avatar
    Takaz 9 years ago

    Beware children of Zimbabwe. The leopard is on the prowl again but only that this time around this will be its final hunt.I can forsee these goons changing our new constitution to suite their nefarious needs!

  • comment-avatar
    Rudadiso 9 years ago

    The reporter overlooked one crucial point; Mugabe has never been a man of his word. If he deems it necessary to have Jono in his cabinet, he will, as sure as the sun rises from the east, find a way to accommodate him.

  • comment-avatar
    chris black 9 years ago

    This really seems from comments to be a rhodesian crying site..its either your way or no way..the majority voted..most natives for a cause rise and protest for what they believe..sanctions are already in play for your cause the question is when will you appear in person..

    • comment-avatar
      Malcolm 9 years ago

      @ Chris black;
      “This really seems from comments to be a rhodesian crying site..”

      You should really pay more attention and analyse other comments and determine who commentators are on this site. Find out who else is crying, before making silly accusations.