‘Mugabe Will Not Quit Politics’

Source: ‘Mugabe Will Not Quit Politics’ | ZimEye

Terrence Mawawa| Former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe will not quit politics and he will now be appointed an active statesman, it has emerged.

Mugabe will continue to have a role to play in Zimbabwean politics, according to Father Fidelis Mukonori of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mukonori said Mugabe would provide “advice” to President Emmerson Mnangagwa as a statesman.Mukonori was one of the mediators in negotiations between Mugabe and the army.

Mugabe, (93) resigned on Tuesday following a military intervention and days of mass protests in Zimbabwe.

Mukonori said he could not confirm reports that the former President was granted $10m to ease him out of office.

Mnangagwa was sworn in to replace Mugabe as President on Friday.

Mnangagwa, known to be Mugabe’s right hand person for four decades described Mugabe as his father, mentor, Comrade in arms and leader.

He also said Mugabe and his wife Grace would remain at their house in Harare. He added the former Head of State had no plans to leave the country.

“We did not offer him anything, He resigned for the good of Zimbabwe,” he said.

He added:”What I have read in the newspapers is about immunity from prosecution and that he will be looked after like any other former head of state.”