Mugabe’s death must unite Zimbos: Kasukuwere 

Source: Mugabe’s death must unite Zimbos: Kasukuwere – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 14, 2019


SELF-EXILED former minister Saviour Kasukuwere believes ex-president Robert Mugabe’s death must unite Zimbabweans to fix the economy, adding that blaming the departed strongman will not bring solutions to the country’s multi-faceted crisis.

Kasukuwere said Mugabe did not deserve to be “treated in the manner” he was treated during and post the November 2017 coup.

“President Mugabe is one man who said I was born here, I will die here and I will be buried here. He would have loved to die in his country, would have loved to be in Zimbabwe but as it were, he has died in Singapore,” Kasukuwere told SABC in an interview broadcast on September 11.

“This is not an easy occasion, for those who know what he stood for. For him to have seen his last breadth outside the country speaks a lot about the concerns that the people have, about how he felt.

“…But the circumstances which found him in Singapore for this extended period of time is really what concerns me. To an extent, the harassment, the unfair behaviour of the Cdes who have now taken over the country, we must put it clearly to them; you can’t continue doing these things. Effectively Mugabe died in exile.”

Mugabe passed away at a Singapore hospital aged 95.

His passing on in the Far East — while dividing opinion among his followers and critics — has attracted anger from fellow countrymen who cannot access basic health care services in the country following the collapse of the health delivery system under his watch.

Kasukuwere, however, said Mugabe must not take the blame alone for the collapse of the country’s health delivery system and the economy, saying those who served under him and now in charge also must take the blame.

He rallied Zimbabweans to unite to fix the country.

“President Mugabe did not deserve to be treated in this manner. In fact, he was two weeks away from stepping down as the President of Zimbabwe…People want to blame Mugabe for the failures of the economy, they say you know there was corruption.

“There is no new dispensation which has not built from what we were all doing together. People must own up and we must solve Zimbabwe’s challenges together not to try and cast aspersions and blame on one person,” Kasukuwere said.

“The death of President Mugabe must motivate us to come together and face this challenge square an d look at it in the eye and say how can we fix our country.
We can’t continue to hide under some funny excuses and give ourselves funny names, open for business and all that nonsense, we must address this issue. What is the core concern? Our people are suffering…”


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    Let truth be told 3 years ago

    It is Mugabe who destroyed Zimbabwe’s economy, including the health sector. He had a propensity of going to Singapore for medical reasons even before the coup. Don’t try and send anyone on a guilt trip on the fact that he died in Singapore. Trying to sanitize him and present him as a patriot par excellence will not work.

    Let truth be told!

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    Benzma 3 years ago

    Kasukuwere is totally talking rubbish he was 1 of the right hand man of Mugabe contributing to destroy the economy today he has the oddecity to came out and try to feel pit for the family of Zimbabwe when u were building a huge mansion stealing and spending where were the people of Zimbabwe don’t try to blind fold us we know u Tyson

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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Zip up Kasukuwere if you have nothing really tangible to vomit.