Mujuru’s NPP on the brink 

Mujuru’s NPP on the brink 

Source: Mujuru’s NPP on the brink – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 8, 2017

THE Joice Mujuru-led National People’s Party is on the brink after a faction linked to vice-president Sipepa Nkomo fired top executive members on Thursday, setting the stage for a bruising fight as those purportedly expelled have vowed to stay put.


This came at a time when other party members were voluntarily leaving NPP, claiming it had become directionless.


Since its formation, NPP has been hit by power struggles that fragmented the party and reduced it to a circus.

Several national executive members were fired on allegations of wanting to re-join Zanu PF.

Munyaradzi Banda, Susan Chuma, Noel Bakasa, Lloyd Masiya, Endai Mugomeza, Simon Togara, Trevas Ngulube, Lincoln Simango, Godknows Muzenda and Willard Gwerevende were among those fired.

“After intensive investigations, consultation of the rank and file by the party leadership and following thorough due processes, the party has fired the following NPP members from their positions effective today Monday, the 4th of December 2017,” a letter signed by Nkomo read.

“The below-mentioned relieved members have been working with Zanu PF and were even pushing for our president Dr JTR Mujuru to rejoin Zanu PF. It is important though to note that Dr Mujuru has no intention nor has she ever considered rejoining Zanu PF, she is the leader of NPP and Presidential candidate of the People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC).”

NPP secretary-general Gift Nyandoro confirmed the development.

The party also warned other members that had allegedly been clandestinely attending Zanu PF meetings to desist forthwith or face the same fate.

Banda said he would not contest the decision.

However, Mugomeza said the allegations were false and that there was no proper procedure to enable the party to take the decision.

“I am not moved at all and if anything, NPP must not act like Zanu PF where people are just fired without procedure. I urge the party leader, Mujuru, to act now and redirect the party and nip out those who want to destroy the party,” Mugomeza said.

“There is a group of people surrounding the president that is trying to form a cartel and destroy the party’s grassroots.

That will not work. People have sacrificed a lot of things to make NPP what it is today and there is no way our party can be destroyed within record time by this cartel.”

Lloyd Masiya, the national youth boss, said he had not yet received official communication.

“If I was fired, disciplinary procedures were not followed,” he said.

“I am disturbed that as a party we can be mudslinging our own at a time when we must be focused on voter registration and mobilising resources for the 2018 elections.”

By yesterday, some other wings of the party in different provinces were condemning the sacking of the national members.