Mutambara calls for free and fair poll

Mutambara calls for free and fair poll

Source: Mutambara calls for free and fair poll – DailyNews Live

Staff Writer      29 November 2017

HARARE – With the forced resignation of former president Robert Mugabe,
the citizens of Zimbabwe have a unique opportunity to break with the past
and create a stable, peaceful, democratic, prosperous and globally
competitive nation, former deputy prime minister Arthur Mutambara has

A former student leader who is recognised as one of Africa’s most
prominent scientists, Mutambara said Mugabe the person has been defeated
but “Mugabeism” remains intact.

“We have work to do,” the former Rhodes Scholar and robotics and
mechatronics professor said.


“Let us use the opportunity before us to break with the past and create a
different Zimbabwe. Let us evaluate and comprehend what went wrong with
our politics, society and economy in the past 37 years.

“Going forward, we must fashion strategies and frameworks to radically
transform the political governance and economic management of our

The Oxford scholar called for electoral reforms, media reforms, removal of
repressive legislation, release of political prisoners, and economic
stabilisation coupled with economic recovery, shared economic growth and
inclusive economic prosperity.

“We must deliver free and fair elections. We must deliver a globally
competitive economy,” he said.