Mutare intensifies road rehabilitation 

Source: Mutare intensifies road rehabilitation | The Herald August 20, 2019

Mutare intensifies road rehabilitationMr Maligwa

Liberty Dube Manicaland Correspondent
MUTARE City Council plans to rehabilitate more roads as well as procure water metres and GIS (Geographic Information System) machines using about $1,6 million of the funds expected from Treasury this week.

In an interview, town clerk Mr Joshua Maligwa said the funds would go a long way in adding value to the city.

“When we were crafting our 2019 budget, we were allocated $2,1 million and so far we have received $461 000 and utilised $361 000 which we bought 100 water metres of different sizes and procured other GIS gadgets and reading machines,” he said.

“We expect to use the balance of $100 000 and another $1,6 million which we expect to receive this week to do other projects, among them, rehabilitate a stretch road between Sakubva and St Joseph’s as well as constructing a 500-metre road in Murambi East which needs about $400 000.

“We had also budgeted to procure more water metres for the top hundred water consumers and the balance was going to be for GIS.”

Mr Maligwa said council has made tremendous efforts in rehabilitating roads in the city and in some high-density suburbs.