Nation rallied to get Covid-19 jab

Source: Nation rallied to get Covid-19 jab | The Herald

Nation rallied to get Covid-19 jab

Political Editor
President Mnangagwa has rallied the nation to get the life saving vaccines saying every eligible adult has a community responsibility to protect others.

This comes as the country is aiming to have at least 60 percent of the population vaccinated to achieve herd immunity.

Presently the country’s vaccination centres around the country are inundated with hundreds of people teeming in to get the jabs.

In his address during the burial of the late National Heroes Cdes Edzai Chimonyo and Michael Chakabva at the National Heroes Acre  and Cde Nkiwane in Umguza, the President said the nation should continue getting the jabs.

“As I conclude I would like to remind the nation that the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us. We continue to see increasing numbers of both new infections and mortalities. I urge the nation to observe more religiously, the WHO public health guidelines and the enhanced lockdown measures.

“Most importantly, I want to acknowledge the ongoing positive results to the National Vaccination Programme. Eligible adults must continue to go out and get vaccinated. You have a responsibility to your families, your communities and our great country to protect yourselves from the Covid-19 pandemic.

“My Government has made available adequate resources to guarantee the availability of vaccine doses,” the President said.

To beat back the pandemic, which has killed more than 2 000 people locally and effected  close to 70 000, Government imposed a tighter lockdown that comes with a dawn to dusk curfew, and a shorter working day.