Nation urged to maintain peace

Nation urged to maintain peace

Source: Nation urged to maintain peace | The Herald May 26, 2018

Nation urged to maintain peace
Justice Nare

Tendai Rupapa and Nokutenda Chiyangwa
THE National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has urged Zimbabweans to maintain peace and unity before and after elections expected to be held by August, saying a united nation forms the basis of development and economic advancement.

Addressing the National Day of Prayer in Harare yesterday, NPRC chairperson Retired Justice Selo Masole Nare underscored the importance of prayer in nation-building.

His remarks come in the wake of calls by President Mnangagwa for Zimbabweans to observe peace as the nation drifts towards elections.

“Peace is about a revolution of love. Peace enables us to improve our socio-economic centres and it encourages people to obey the law,” said Justice Nare.

“Peace is the foundation of everything that a nation could ever hope for. Peace builds a nation.
“My theme is centred on the word PEACE. Therefore, it is time to bring our Christian faith to bear fruits on the economic and social conditions in our nation.

“It is the same peace that President Mnangagwa always talks about each time he addresses gatherings.
“It is the same peace that is being echoed by the honourable Vice-Presidents.”

He added, “We are the children of God and we worship the God of peace. As a commission, we bleed from inside when we read about the peace being broken by people created in the image of God.

“Every Christian is meant to be a peacemaker in the community and it is a divine gift from God the author of peace and reconciliation.”

Justice Nare said it was not easy for Pan-Africanism founding fathers to foster peace, tranquillity and unity in Africa as they often encountered resistance from the colonialists who were on a mission to destabilise African States.

“Without the sacrifice of our historical peacemakers such as Lumumba from DRC, Khurumah from Ghana, Mandela, Chitepo and Nkomo and many who are still alive, we would not have the peace we are enjoying today,” he said.

He added that the church should play an important role in our societies as an integrating force, especially in the face of the forthcoming harmonised elections.

“The church must work, pray and participate in the work that promotes peace.
“It should pray that God grants us wisdom to vote for good leadership, particularly now that we are facing elections.

“If we do not play our role as Christians we would have failed ourselves,” he said.
“I appeal to you fellow Christians, play your part and ensure that Zimbabwe has a peaceful environment during and after the elections because if there is no peace then there is no development.”