NEC Tech Helps Zimbabwe Police to Catch Alleged Chinese Criminal

Source: NEC Tech Helps Zimbabwe Police to Catch Alleged Chinese Criminal

A Chinese fraudster seeking to enter Zimbabwe with phony documents has reportedly been apprehended thanks to facial recognition technology and international collaboration between Zimbabwe, Qatar, and the United Kingdom.

The arrest was made possible with the help of NEC XON’s NeoFace Watch facial recognition system. Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) were tipped off about the Chinese national’s attempt to enter the country illegally. Collaboration between ZRP, Qatar Airways, and UK/Northern Ireland passport offices uncovered a network of five individuals with forged Chinese passports and UK residence permits. The individual has been charged under Zimbabwe’s Immigration Act.

One member, Lin Xinwei, had been under surveillance since a previous attempt to use a fake passport. NeoFace Watch aided in confirming Xinwei’s identity using facial recognition to match Xinwei to a previous attempt to board a flight using a fake passport, and allowed authorities to flag her and identify other members of her criminal group.

NEC XON NeoFace Watch is a facial recognition system designed primarily for law enforcement and security applications, capable of rapidly analyzing video feeds and identifying individuals by comparing their faces to extensive databases. The system boasts high accuracy in matching faces even when dealing with challenges like poor image quality, variations in angles, and attempts to disguise appearances.

NEC has a long track record of partnerships with law enforcement agencies worldwide, providing them with cutting-edge technology solutions in areas such as biometric identification, forensics, investigations, and command and control systems.

Source: cajnews Africa