New San chief vows to end marginalisation 

Source: New San chief vows to end marginalisation – NewsDay Zimbabwe


GOLEDAMA Christopher Dube, who has been nominated for the San community chieftainship in Tsholotsho, has hailed government for responding to their needs, saying once confirmed, he would work hard to end the area’s marginalisation.

The San community has been one of the most misunderstood tribes in the country, because it prioritises its traditional values.

It continued to live in the forests, shunning modern civilisation.

Other ethnic groups labelled them primitive.

Last week, the San community selected Dube as its candidate for the chieftainship, while Zekius Tshuma was appointed headman.

In an interview yesterday, Dube told Southern Eye that while nothing much would change in terms of lifestyle, his appointment would enhance communication with government agencies.

“There is nothing much to change. The community was once marginalised, but now we are engaging the government and it is responding to our needs,” Dube said.

“We are currently engaging the government and it has been listening to us well.

“We tell it something and it responds. In the past, we were marginalised because we failed to engage the government.”

Dube said so far he had not faced problems in his role.

“I am currently compiling the names of children who are looking for jobs so that I submit them to the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional  Services,” Dube said.

Tsoro-o-otso San Development Trust director Davy Ndlovu said the community had high expectations for the new chief.

“The community is extremely pleased, and our hopes are high as we wish that the chief will fulfil the wishes of the people,” Ndlovu said.

One of the challenges faced by the San people has been lack of documentation such as birth certificates.