Nkayi villagers appeal for dam repairs

Source: Nkayi villagers appeal for dam repairs | The Sunday News

Nkayi villagers appeal for dam repairs

WARD 12 villagers at Nkayi in Matabeleland North are facing water challenges after two dams Makwateni and Zeblon, major sources of water for household and domestic animals, which were destroyed by rains 15 years ago remain unrepaired.

Villagers have appealed to the Nkayi Rural District Council, non-governmental organisation sector and the Government to intervene and repair the dams to save people and domestic animals.

“We are currently having serious challenges in getting water even though God has this time blessed us with rains. We have no water sources close to us after the two dams we relied on were swept away by heavy rains. We now have to walk for around five to ten kilometres to the next water source,” said a villager, Mr Sipho Ndlovu.

Nkayi’s Ward 12 Councillor Elvis Nkomo confirmed the water challenges in his ward.

“In my ward, there is a shortage of dam projects. Most of the dams that are there need scooping as they have incurred massive siltation. Some of our major dams were destroyed by rains and we lack funding to rehabilitate them,” said Clr Nkomo.

Zeblon dam is located at Mazambane village in Ward 12 while Makwateni dam is located at Gamulani village in Makwateni area.

“The two dams are no longer holding water, the rainwater just passes through them and our cattle no longer have water sources to drink from except small dams which do not last throughout the winter season as they dry up before the next rains,” Clr Nkomo said.

Nkayi RDC chairperson Clr Jameson Mnethwa said efforts were underway to repair Makwateni dam.

“Action is being taken at Makwateni dam soon and in fact, there are five dams which need attention but Makwateni is the priority.”—Citizenbulletin.