Nkosana Moyo urges transparency

Nkosana Moyo urges transparency

Source: Nkosana Moyo urges transparency | The Herald July 10, 2018

Nkosana Moyo urges transparency
Dr Moyo

Nqobile Tshili Bulawayo Bureau
ALLIANCE for the People’s Agenda president Dr Nkosana Moyo has urged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (zec) to go beyond what is prescribed at law to prove that it is running a transparent and credible election.

Speaking on a Facebook live chat on Sunday, Dr Moyo alleged that zec has reputational problems hence the need for it to go an extra mile to prove that it was running a transparent and credible election. He was responding to questions posed to him by Facebook users.

“I think just like everybody else, I’m worried about zec’s behaviour. I’m not sure what motivates their behaviour because it appears to me they do not understand that in order to mend the damage that has been done historically in terms, of trust in the institution they run, they ought to go beyond the call of duty to create transparency beyond what is prescribed in the regulation,” said Dr Moyo. He said the electoral management body should not expose itself to unnecessary criticism by political parties ahead of the election.

Dr Moyo said issues to do with the printing of the ballot paper and how it is kept should not lead to assumptions that the electoral body was not running credible elections.

Turning to his campaign, he said a lot of people have commended him for being one of the best candidates ahead of July 30 elections.

Dr Moyo, however, said some of those who have commended him doubt that he will win the presidency as he does not command a lot of following.

He said those who believe in him should campaign on his behalf.

Dr Moyo said if he wins the presidency he will tap into the experience of the Diaspora community in rebuilding the country’s economy.

He said a lot of Zimbabweans occupy important positions on the global stage yet contribute very little to develop Zimbabwe.