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    Saddened 3 years ago

    Ok so you sacked one minister only after she was jailed, never mind everyone knew she was corrupt you made her a minister after she had been fired. No so good.
    How about you lead the way and declare all your assets and explain how you became all this wealth as a servant of the people on a salary. Maybe you could investigate how Mr Mugabe payed 5 million dollars for his daughters wedding on his salary. Investigate those Ministers with numerous houses, farms, hotels, banks, foreign accounts, safes full of cash.
    Maybe then we the public might start to believe you and what you say. Or is it just lip service and go on as before, same old same old. So far all we have seen is lip service.

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    Grabmore 3 years ago

    A big party in Vic falls while people are starving.

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    Mukanya 3 years ago

    Walk the Talk!!

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    tendai 3 years ago

    Bla bla bla is what my Grade 7 teacher used to say when she knew it was a nonsense story , not ED is just doing Bla Bla Bla about corruption


    This weekend was for exaample , I had to pay someone at Customs at Beit Bridge to do his job and clear my drums of engine oil .

    Then near Masvingo the ZRP stopped me for not having clear tail lights as they had mud on them so I just gave them some bond Notes and some beer from South .

    I needed something from the Transport ministry two weeks back , and had to give ZW$ 200 for the documentation .

    Its everywhere and we have just become 200% corrupt