No to arbitrary school fee hikes 

Source: No to arbitrary school fee hikes – Sunday News Dec 2, 2018

Minister Paul Mavima

Minister Paul Mavima

SCHOOLS that want to raise school fees in 2019 must follow stipulated procedures, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima has said.

In an interview, Prof Mavima said any upward review of school fees must be done after consultation with the ministry, and only after reaching an agreement with parents.

“Many schools are in distress due to the changes in prices so some of their demands are reasonable. There should not be unilateral increases of school fees without seeking the authority of the permanent secretary in the ministry as that is the procedure.”

The minister also said schools that are demanding school fees in foreign currency should bear in mind that Zimbabwe had a legal multi-currency trading system. He said it was illegal to charge fees in foreign currency only. — Harare Bureau