Observers must continue to focus on rural areas as Zanu PF intensifies intimidation and coercion to cow people into voting for it

Source: Observers must continue to focus on rural areas as Zanu PF intensifies intimidation and coercion to cow people into voting for it

Dear Observer Missions to the Zimbabwe 2023 Elections,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you, Observers of Zimbabwe’s 2023 harmonized elections as Zanu PF continue to strangle the rural communities, who are intimidated and harassed, and forced to attend Zanu PF political gatherings, where they are terrorised and told they will be in trouble if they vote for the opposition, and also that Zanu PF will know who they have voted for because of cards that they will be issued with on arrival at the polling stations.

The sad thing is that Zanu PF denies intimidating citizens. I had an exchange with a Zanu PF official who I had confronted regarding the intimidation of citizens who are forced to attend meetings in the rural areas and told if they do not for Zanu PF when they are getting assistance from the Zanu PF government, they will be ruthlessly dealt with, including being killed. I shared several videos with her (see the two attachments), including one in which people are forced to sing songs to say they will kill trash or white people. The song asks who has a home with trash or white people so we can kill them. Such language used in an environment where there were children who appear to be under the age of 18 is very irresponsible. It incites Zanu PF supporters to perpetuate violence on people perceived to be members of opposition parties.

I shared with her another video in which a Zanu PF official specifically says they will kill people if Nelson Chamisa wins the election. The words are so clear, but again this lady denied that Zanu PF is intimidating people (a YouTube link to the video is provided). Zanu PF never accepts wrongdoing, and they also instruct the uniformed forces to lie, an example being the recent murder of a CCC activist in Glen View, where the police told observers that the deceased was run over by a vehicle when postmortem has not been carried out to establish the cause of the death, and when eyewitnesses confirm the deceased was stoned.

I appeal to the observers to focus more on the rural areas in this election where Zanu PF has already pronounced that it will frogmarch people to polling stations, with those that are suspected to be opposition members being asked to lie that they cannot cast their vote, so will need to be helped to vote.

And to the progressive people of Zimbabwe, wherever you are, tell the intimidated rural voters that it is a lie that Zanu PF will know who they voted for. It is not possible. Those being intimidated should punish their tormentors, Zanu PF, by not voting for them. We cannot have a country where people are harassed left right and center at every five-year election cycle. This must end. The people of Zimbabwe who are being tormented, use your vote to free the country from Zanu PF repression. Do not reward your tormentors by voting for them.

ZANU PF threatens to kill/#mnangagwa – YouTube