OK Zimbabwe cheers up Jairos Jiri

Source: OK Zimbabwe cheers up Jairos Jiri – NewsDay Zimbabwe

RETAILER OK Zimbabwe has donated a $200 000 shopping voucher to Jairos Jiri Association in the spirit of spreading Christmas cheer.

The company’s chief finance officer Phil Mushosho, who handed over the donation at the Jairos Jiri Association in Harare on Wednesday, said it would assist children with disabilities and staff at the institution.

“Our purpose as OK Zimbabwe is to make sure that our customers are happy. We also ensure that we make our employees, suppliers, shareholders and the community in which we operate happy,” he said.

“OK Zimbabwe strongly believes that community happiness comes from making a meaningful impact on people’s lives through taking care of their needs.  We will only become better by growing our communities together.”

Mushosho said the donation was in remembrance of the late musician Paul Matavire, who was part of the Jairos Jiri Children’s Home,  and entertained the nation through his famous Christmas hit song Kisimusi Yatosvika/IKisimusi Isifikile.

“Even today, it is never truly a Zimbabwean Christmas without this song. The Jairos Jiri Association was close to his heart, and what better way to honour him than this,”   Mushosho said.

‘‘Christmas is a time of giving, sharing and most of all, a time for joy. OK Zimbabwe Ltd has been giving away over $600 000 every week at any OK, Bon Marché or OK Mart in a programme dubbed Santa Saturday, where one lucky customer walks away with a shopping voucher worth $10 000 from each of their 66 stores every weekend. Even amid the COVID-19 fourth wave, OK Zimbabwe continues to strive to bring a smile to its customers’

Jairos Jiri resource mobilisation executive Grace Kamanga said: “We are so grateful to OK Zimbabwe, and we are grateful for the support that it gives to members of the public throughout Zimbabwe. We trust in this relationship with OK Zimbabwe, which started at the time of our late founder Jairos Jiri.”