On the Zimbabwe water crisis 

Zimbabwe alone loses well over 27 TRILLION litres of water a year through ineffective rainfall. This is not just happening in Zimbabwe, it is happening globally.

Source: On the Zimbabwe water crisis – The Zimbabwean

The soil is the biggest carbon sink and reservoir of fresh water the earth has – far more than all the world’s rivers, dams and lakes put together.

Desertification causes ineffective rainfall, which means most of the rain is either washed across the surface of the land, silting up our rivers and what does sink into the soil is quickly evaporated out again because there is no plant cover. About 2/3 of our planet’s land mass is suffering from terrible land degradation and desertification.

I’m going to work the following out based only on Zimbabwe, otherwise the figures will be impossible! But it will give you some idea of the enormity of the desertification situation and how vital it is that we address it.

Most of Zimbabwe is badly desertified which means our rainfall is less and less effective, which leads to more and more droughts and flooding.

These are effective rainfall figures:

1ml of rain falling on 1 sq m of land = 1 litre of water

And 1 ha = 10,000 sq m

So, 1ml rain on 1 ha is 10,000 litres

What doesn’t sink into the soil and filter underground to our rivers, etc, should be absorbed into plants and eventually evaporated out through their leaves.

If we had effective rainfall of just 1ml countrywide (about 39 million hectares) that would mean 390,000,000,000 litres of water is getting stored and filtered through the soil and plants.

For simplicity, let’s call Zimbabwe’s average yearly rainfall 700ml. Based on that, our  EFFECTIVE rainfall should be 27,300,000,000,000 per year!

That’s over 27 TRILLION litres of water that should be being held in our soil, but isn’t. That’s an idea of just how much water Zimbabwe is losing a year, along with more and more of our most valuable asset by far – our fertile top soil.

This is happening on almost 2/3 of our planet’s land mass. Are you still wondering why we have ever increasing droughts, floods, wildfires, poverty, poaching, mass emigration to cities, social breakdown, violence and climate change?

Now can you begin to fathom how urgent it is to regenerate not just our Zimbabwe but our planet?

We now have such exciting new knowledge: a decision making process that enables us to do just that – The Holistic Management Framework and the Holistic Planned Grazing Process.

It is already being used to regenerate over 60 million hectares globally.

Let’s all insist that our Governments and Organizations use this framework to form National Holistic Policies and regenerate our entire planet!

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