OPINION: Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Steps Into Mugabe’s Shoes

By Mazviwanza Shiri | Some time in 1978, Smith made concessions with local politicians to form the government comprising of the white settler and the indigenous blacks which culminated in the formation of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and Bishop Abel Muzorewa was elected the first black prime minister of this establishment.

Though a lot of local people hailed this as a move in the right direction, the comrades at the war front and far-sighted locals denounced this arrangement as neo-colonialism where the oppressor was trying to make some cosmetic changes while keeping the whole system intact. Hence the Comrades rallied to the battle cry, “Alluta continua!” – the struggle continues.

Indeed, the struggle continues for the rest of the masses in Zimbabwe today! We have a new president ushered in by the intervention of the army that is overtly supportive of the new president and his party. After Mugabe’s ouster, there was joy on the streets as people felt relieved of a burdensome yoke that had pressed them down for years.

With each passing year, Mugabe had looked completely invincible to the opposition and the man in the street. On assuming his position, E D Mnangagwa had made a lot of promises that uplifted the people’s hopes and spirits for a brighter future. But that is no more. EDM has made his intentions very clear. He will make some superficial changes but keep the whole system intact. People expected so much. They even toyed with the composition and structure of his cabinet but it was all pointless, an exercise of groping in the dark. Ngwena had other ideas and he did it with the characteristic crassness associated only with Zanu-PF.

Like his predecessor before him who had a penchant of surrounding himself with lily-livered, spineless dimwits to avoid being questioned on matters of principle, Ngwena has waded right after his erstwhile boss. He had reappointed the same old expired and perspiring faces that failed to deliver during Mugabe’s tenure of office. A critical look at the composition of his cabinet inspires no confidence in most nationals except for the rabid Zanu-PF supporters.

Almost all of his cabinet is tainted with the ills associated with Mugabe’s misrule. Chief among the them is one Obert Mpofu, the character  that is alleged to have looted the mining ministry blind. Dokora has destroyed the ministry of education with his improbable curriculum that is totally out of sync with the poverty-stricken environment obtaining in our country. Chinamasa is so partisan and provincial in his thought processes that he can only take us backwards in time. Dinha has his mind below his zipper that he rarely thinks of anything else except his next target.

The rest are inconsequential sycophantic bootlickers who operate at robotic levels only concerned about their master’s voice and his next command. These are the same cadres who vociferously denounced EDM at his ouster and groveled like dogs at the feet of Disgraceful Grace. Yet today they have pronounced undying support for the same Mnangagwa. On the other hand, they have suddenly become courageous enough to impeach Mugabe hiding behind the camouflage of the army. Ngwena does not have to look far for his enemies. He is surrounded by ninety nine percent of them.

The opposition has its work cut out for them. They only need to regroup, restrategize and demand the outstanding reforms on electoral laws. They will be home and dry. The people are dejected, appalled and completely frustrated with this obvious indication that it is the business of looting, corruption and deprivation as usual. Zanu-Pf does not care for the people but would like to perpetuate the status quo like all time. In their minds it is the usual cry, “Zanu-PF ichingotonga, ichingotonga vanhu vachingoukura vachingoukura. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuu!” – Source: https://www.zimeye.net/alluta-continua-mnangagwa-steps-into-mugabes-shoes/