Paranoid and malignant – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary

Source: Paranoid and malignant – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 13th March 2021

A rant in the Herald on Friday against President Ramaphosa shows Zanu PF’s paranoia about South Africa and the party’s smug malignance. The article can only cast a shadow over already-strained bilateral relations.

The article virtually calls for the overthrow of Ramaphosa and asserts that the only future for South Africa is to follow in Zanu PF’s footsteps and appropriate white-controlled land without compensation etc.

With dazzling irrationality, the author concludes that, whatever happens, South Africa is doomed . ‘Zimbabwe (he says) is the only country in the region with the diversity of resources, endowment of skills, stability and hunger for investment to safeguard Western investment in the region.’ (See:

For our part, the Vigil believes the Herald would be better off concentrating on its famous scoops like Thursday’s ‘Zim celebrates World Kidney Day’. Kid you not (see:

A less rosy future for the country was painted by the President of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Peter Mutasa, who said Zimbabwe is now a failed state. ‘It is expected that government will say there is no crisis, the abusers will see peace because they are benefitting but their victims will be saying they cannot breathe.’

He continued: ‘One thing that is central to this debacle is that they are not just defending political power, they are on steroids in terms of primitive accumulation, they are defending economic gains, their diamonds, gold claims, land; they are defending their ill-gotten wealth.’ (See:

Mutasa was speaking at a meeting organised by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition attended by the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa, as well as church and student leaders. Chamisa said that people should come together and force Mnangagwa to the negotiating table to collectively resolve the Zimbabwe crisis.

‘It is no longer time for us to be divided in our little silos. It is time for collective action and we are not going to be coming to these platforms as politicians, but as citizens . . . We remain optimistic and I also hope that finally Mr Mnangagwa will begin to see light and begin to understand that he has to feel for Zimbabweans. It is not a normal country when you wake up and see nothing is working, including workers who can’t even work. Nothing is working and nothing is functioning.’ (See:

Chamisa has refused to take part in the Political Actors’ Dialogue (POLAD), created by Mnangagwa, dismissing it as a charade. There has been an angry response from the Zanu PF national spokesman, Simon Khaya Moyo, who accused Chamisa of trying to cause instability (see:

Meanwhile, it is reported that leaders of the fringe parties comprising POLAD are making extravagant demands such as diplomatic passports and farms for taking part in the initiative (see:

Other Points:

  • The President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, has sacked the country’s military chiefs including the commanders of the army and the air force. No reason has been given but the military has failed to stop the insurgency in the mineral-rich northern province of Cabo Delgado. Islamist militants have been responsible for dozens of terror attacks, including the beheading of civilians, and more than half a million people are said to have been forced from their homes in the past year alone (see:
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