Tsvangirai’s party under threat from the police

via Police search MDC-T Chikomba office as ZPF retribution continues | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda

Morgan Tsvangirai’s party is under threat from the police

The MDC-T is demanding that ZANU PF “unconditionally stop” what they described as the “brutal and savage attack” on their party, following an illegal search of their district offices in Chikomba West Wednesday.

The homes of two party officials in the area were also searched illegally, as incidents of post-election retribution by ZANU PF agents intensified.

The party, led by outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, also called for an end to the heavy police surveillance at their headquarters in Harare, as more supporters sought refuge there saying they had been evicted from their homes by ZANU PF activists.

In Chikomba, officers from Chivhi police station searched the MDC-T offices without a warrant on Wednesday, claiming they suspected the district of mobilizing people for an uprising.

According to Antony Matodza, the MDC-T Chikomba district chairperson, the search team was made up of two policemen led by a Chivhi officer in charge named Mutsenga. Matodza said police also visited the homes of his vice chairperson Chipo Gwini and Publicity Secretary, Christopher Muchenje.

Nothing was found at these locations.

Meanwhile MDC-T polling agents on resettlement farms of Dorset are reported to have all fled from their homes as they are being hunted down by ZANU PF supporters who are calling them sell-outs. Several MDC-T activists are also said to be in hiding after fleeing from Shurugwi North.

In a statement the MDC-T said they find it “strange that the police and ZANU PF are using such intimidating tactics” when they claim to have won last week’s elections.

“We wonder why the victor should be afraid of the people and the actions by the police vindicate the MDC’s position that ZANU PF using ZEC stole the people’s victory”, the statement read.


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    Until Zanu PF stops using violence to repress diversity of opinions, it can never claim legitimacy. Legitimacy comes from the acceptance by the citizens, not from oppression and force. Diversity of opinion is not harmful, and is in fact the engine that drives progress and evolution.

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    Morris 10 years ago

    On the second of August, I posted on my web page an opinion and part of that piece was “Lastly, the safety of opposition leaders is in question.”. Now this. We all know Mugabe has never contested in a fair election. It is either there was no opposition at all or he rigged or it was rigged in his favour. That tells you just why Mugabe and his regime are afraid of people especially those who can think foor themselves.

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      Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

      True, Mugabe always victimises the opposition. Anybody whose views are at variance with his policies are labelled enemies of the State.He has over the years been building a machinery to thwart any form of criticims. I totally agree with you, the space for opposition politics diminish by the day and soon we will see a lot of purging of the opposition. It’s going to be worse as haunting of the opposition intensifies. State institutions that have been militarised and converted into party structures.