Zimbabweans pressure SADC to rescind poll endorsement

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There is growing pressure on the SADC regional bloc to rescind its acceptance of Zimbabwe’s flawed election process and uphold its commitments to democracy, with Zimbabweans around the world protesting the situation.

A series of protests have been organised against last week’s disputed election, with demonstrations planned in South Africa, the UK and the US.

In South Africa on Friday, scores of Zimbabweans and South Africans gathered in the town of Port Elizabeth to demonstrate against the election outcome, which the organisers said does not reflect the will of the people.

Zimbabwean businessman Rodrick Chimombe, one of the organisers, told SW Radio Africa that the protest attracted “about 300 people who marched from the SA breweries building to the municipal offices to hand over a petition.”

He explained that the petition calls on Jacob Zuma, South Africa’s President, to “reverse his acceptance of the poll result.” Chimombe said the regional endorsement of the elections had left people angry and shocked, “because the process cannot be said to be free and fair and credible.”

The protest on Friday is the first in a series that Chimombe said are being organised. The next demonstration is set to take place next Saturday.

Another group of Zimbabweans in South Africa have organised a protest in Cape Town, which will get underway next Wednesday afternoon. That protest will see a petition being handed to the South Africa speaker of Parliament, Max Sisulu, calling on the government not to accept the flawed election process.

The petition can be signed online: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Democracy_in_Zimbabwe/

One of the organisers, Joe Eppel, told SW Radio Africa he hopes this protest will encourage others to organise similar events, because of the serious threat the endorsement of the election poses to democracy in the region.

“Both the protest and the petition started when we (the organisers) got together and decided that as Zimbabweans abroad, we should take some kind of stand against SADC’s endorsement of the election, which is so clearly flawed. We decided that we should try have some kind of protest to place pressure on Jacob Zuma and SADC not to endorse these elections,” Eppel said.

He added: We feel the elections violate our new constitution and electoral laws and by endorsing these elections, SADC is basically ignoring the long struggle for democracy and the future struggle for democracy we are facing,

The details of the event can be read here: https://www.facebook.com/events/204810623015970/

Meanwhile in the UK on Saturday, Zimbabwean citizens will be protesting what they say is a “rigged election.” The protests will be happening across the UK, with the main demonstration taking place outside the Zimbabwean Embassy in London.

One of the organisers, activist Fungayi Mabhunu, told SW Radio Africa that they are “trying to kick start a revolution in the Diaspora.” He said similar protests are also taking place on Saturday in the US.

The London protest is taking place from 12pm to 6pm. – SW Radio Africa News


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    Hard evidence is needed – the more the better. SADC will not reverse its endorsement unless there is a mountain of hard evidence.

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    Kevin Watson 10 years ago

    There is a mountain of hard evidence. In addition the election was called in breach of the law and the electoral laws illegally promulgated. The police were illegally present inside pollling stations and at the count. This is before we deal with the failure to comply with laws around the voters role. I simply do not have the time go through that.

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    mehlulimy 10 years ago

    evry one has a role to play in leading our country to democracy. SADC should understand that by doing a wrong thing in Zimbabwe, they are setting a wrong precedent through out southern africa. No country is immune to the problems of Zimbabweans. Someday it shall be Zambia, or even South Africa its self. The Zimbabweans challenge has to genuinely solved. Its not about Mugabe or Tsvangirai but principles of democracy. What precedent is SADC and AU setting for the generations to come.

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    Macon Pane 10 years ago

    Whenever the governing model includes the government financing of the ruling party, and allows the ruling party’s control of the police and military forces, those in power have an undue advantage in maintaining their control of the government and taxpayer coffers. With such an arrangement, the police and military enforce that control selectively and unfairly because those empowered forces work for the benefit of the party, rather than for the good of the citizenry. Such is the typical African model, and perpetuates any evils that exist among those who rule, protecting them, and those who support them, from justice… making the idea of democracy and freedom a farce. May God help the good common folk who must endure the effects.

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    Qiniso 10 years ago

    Waste of energy and time. Tsvangison lost and its time to rebuild Zim. People have spoken and we should move on. Tsvangison was caught napping. He slept on the job and his election strategy . sucked. Take the stupid envelop which has his election agent in Chikurubi…my 3 year will have handled that better than this Komichi dude. Vukani madoda. The majority tribe loves Mugabe.

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      Diego Zhaba 10 years ago

      To rebuild Zimbabwe?? This statement confirms ZANU has been and still is destroying the country. 33 yrs of looting for personal enrichment, relegating the people of Zimbabwe to beggers.It’s disgusting to say the least.