Picking Your Winning Keno Numbers

Picking Your Winning Keno Numbers

Keno is a popular casino game that’s around for centuries. Today, players play Keno in online casinos that offer fun and even large jackpots. You can know more about these casino sites by visiting bestkenosites.com. Here, you would read more information about Keno and the top casino sites you can visit.

Then, you get ready to pick the winning Keno numbers that would lead you to the jackpot.  But – let’s face it: you can’t win Keno game that easily.  You need to create a strategy that would help you pick the winning Keno numbers and win the game.

What Are Common Keno Numbers?

Picking the winning Keno numbers could be tricky, so you have to decide the Keno numbers you’re going to choose. It’s not easy to win the jackpot, but you have a chance to take it if you know the common Keno numbers below:

Hot and Cold Numbers

If you’re a regular Keno player, you might observe that there are numbers drawn regularly. These numbers are called hot and cold numbers.  According to studies, the hot and cold numbers are 38, 40, 23, 39 and 33.

Number 7

The number 7 is considered lucky due to its regular appearance in regular life.  The number 7 also has historical and biblical references.

Special Days

It’s believed that the special day in a person’s life has deep meaning. So, it’s no surprise that special days such as birthdays and anniversaries are selected as winning Keno numbers.

Number 8

In Japanese and Chinese culture, the number 8 is a lucky number.  Why? The pronunciation and spelling of the number 8 denote wealth and prosperity. If you turn 8 sideways, it represents the infinity symbol that represents the harmonious flow of the universe.

These common numbers might be your edge to win the game but is there a way to pick good numbers for Keno?

Don’t worry! There are excellent ways for how you can choose the number that would lead you to your ultimate win.

  • Pattern Play

You might observe other Keno players select numbers based on patterns that appear on the Keno sheet. You can use the pattern combined with the Keno sheet to determine the winning and losing numbers in the game.

  • Quick Pick Feature

If you’re tired of the manual procedure to select numbers, then why not computers help you to select the number automatically? The Quick Pick feature helps you to pick the winning Keno numbers.

  • Online Playing

One of the easiest ways to pick Keno numbers is through online playing. Online Keno casinos welcome all players who want to play Keno and win the jackpot.

All Keno players aim to win the game, so they read lists that claim it has the popular Keno numbers. Yes, it’s very tempting to pick the numbers because it’s your winning edge. But, have thought of the following question:

How reliable are lists claiming to reveal the most frequently drawn Keno numbers?

If not, you determine if the source of the lists is credible. You read more information about it through casino sites that the lists might mention.  If the casino sites are certified, then the lists are reliable.  You also determine if there are reviews about the list that would support its claim.

If the reviews are good, then you focus on the strategies to win Keno.

Strategies for Winning at Keno

Like most famous casino games, there are strategies for you to win a Keno game.  You might find it hard to reach the jackpot, but these strategies might help you claim the massive prize.

  • Get Free Practice Keno Account

Take the expert’s advice: don’t play for real money in Keno if you’re not read yet. A newbie Keno player needs to practice using a free account for him or her to win the game. If pros did that, you could do it too!

  • Pick the Winning Keno Numbers

You already know the lucky numbers to pick and the strategies to win it. Now, you give it a shot! You select a strategy you like and start to play the Keno game now!

  • Play Keno Online

One of the best strategies in Keno is playing the game online. Here, you can select easily the winning numbers you want.  You can also sign up for a demo account where you can practice using these strategies for you to win the jackpot.

  • Use Multi-Race Keno Cards

Do you want the odds to turn to your favor? Then, it’s best to use multi-race cards in the Keno game.  If you plan to select the same numbers, these cards will save you time to do annoying clicks.

Also, most online Keno sites offer bonuses and discounts to players using multi-race cards. So, come now and play Keno for you to win the jackpot! You pick the winning Keno numbers today, and you have an edge to win big prizes!