Mnangagwa “Rebel” remarks are reckless

Reports that Mnangagwa referred to the People’s President Adv. Nelson Chamisa as a “rebel” are unacceptable and the MDC does not take such remarks lightly.

Source: Mnangagwa “Rebel” remarks are reckless – The Zimbabwean

Mnangagwa must be aware that such remarks can breed aggression and cause a lot of unnecessary friction in the Zimbabwean society. We have noted with concern a continued pattern of these reckless statements coming from him in succession, a case in point are the remarks he made in Rutenga when he made threats to unleash violence on citizens for the exercise of their rights provided in section 59 of the Constitution. In any case, a rebel is one who reneges on his oath of office, fails to uphold the Constitution but instead works on undermining its spirit and letter. A rebel is one who fails to protect the citizens but instead unleashes repressive apparatus on them with many losing lives and limb at the hands of the state.Mnangagwa’s statement reflected an excitable character who was happy to have a conversation with external actors and then forgets the importance of domestic relations.

The illusion around dialogue which excludes the MDC has already proven to be a political fallacy, many are pulling out because they are aware that the approach will not create sufficient consensus.

It is therefore premature for Mnangagwa to use extremist metaphors like “devil” simply because the MDC holds different political views from him. How can he dare compare himself to the creator when he has subjected everyone in Zimbabwe to a living hell?

In any case history has shown that these labels can easily incite degeneration and unnecessary loss of life especially coming from the leader of a militant political outfit.

In Rwanda, reference to one tribe as cockroaches resulted in the deaths of 800 000 people, so such reckless utterances ought to be rejected with the contempt it deserves!

The hate language on Hon Joanna Mamombe by Zanu PF members in Parliament is easily a reflection of Mnangagwa leadership.

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Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson