PICS: Mugabe’s daughter Bona at airport to welcome new plane with dad’s initials

PICS: Mugabe’s daughter Bona at airport to welcome new plane with dad’s initials

Source: PICS: Mugabe’s daughter Bona at airport to welcome new plane with dad’s initials | News24

Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona was at Harare’s international airport on Wednesday to see the arrival of a newly-acquired passenger plane bearing her father’s initials.

The Boeing 777, with the registration code Z-RGM, made a low fly past over Harare’s main Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport before it touched down early afternoon from Malaysia.

Pictures from the runway showed Bona Mugabe with her husband, Simba Chikore, who was aboard the plane and dressed in a pilot’s uniform. It was unclear if Chikore, a trained airline pilot, had been at the controls.

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Chikore was chief operating officer at the debt-ridden Air Zimbabwe at the time a deal was reportedly sealed last year with Malaysia Airlines to purchase pre-used planes. He no longer holds that post.

State journalist Clarkson Mambo, tweeting from the airport, quoted Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa as saying the Zimbabwe government had so far paid $35 million for two Boeing 777s. He said the government – now headed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa – plans to acquire six more smaller aircraft.

Debt-ridden Air Zimbabwe is currently banned from flying to Europe because of safety concerns.

Last year there was speculation the government of former president Robert Mugabe would try to create a new airline called Zimbabwe Airways so that it can resume flights on lucrative European routes.

Mugabe was forced to step down during a military takeover in November.


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    njalo 4 years ago

    PROUDLY!!!!!!!!!! I am not ” SPELLBOUND “.

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    Gwelo 4 years ago

    Welcome to Mugabe Land. He alone and his mafia stood to benefit from the protracted war of independence. He gets to choose what he likes and simply issues orders to give this license to Bona, that tender to Leo and that money to Grace to start their not so thriving businesses in Gushung-ho Dairy, ZimAirways, Airport tenders and many diamonds deals.

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    Robert Mugabe had such health threatening syphilis that surgery rendered him unable to father children.His “children” are Grace’s children by other men.TARA

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    Zvighubhu Ngondo Ngondo 2 months ago

    Does what Mugabe did for the country deserve us to name the International Airport under his name. Look at what is happening in the country. he was the architect of all these problems by refusing to leave while he was still welcome. Mugabes policies dragged the country into the misery and mess we are in and people are still naming structures under his name. Are we really honest that Mugabe is a hero after what the country went through under his nose as President.How many people lost their lives because he did not want opposition. What about Gukurahundi. What about the loss to the country of our savings policies and the poverty on the country being blamed on sanctions yet we all know it was because of faulty policy making and not wanting to leave power. To me this whole bunch of people are the same and Mugabe was not a saint and does not deserve what we are giving him. The people he killed are really turning in their graves

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      susan 1 month ago

      Well said..all i can add to that is zanupf are thieves and thugs for the last 42 years..

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    Antelopemine. 1 month ago

    “African Democracy”? One man – one vote – once! Learn to live with our choice!

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    Ndonga 3 weeks ago

    You don’t need to be a prophet to foretell that this airport’s name will change soon. Sooner than we think.