Police launch “Chishika-shika Chapera”

Source: Police launch “Chishika-shika Chapera” | The Herald

Police launch “Chishika-shika Chapera”
Gweru urban police head Chief Superintendent Tambudzai Bibian Gumbo (in front), her deputy, Superintendent Joshua Nyamadzawo (in grey jersey) and Officer-in Charge Gweru Central, Inspector Joel Goko, inspect space for parking of more impounded vehicles at Gweru Central police station this morning.

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

Police in Gweru have launched an operation code-named “Chishika-Shika Chapera” targeting pirate taxis and kombis.

Pirate taxi operators have been taking advantage of transport shortages of late due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations to ply several routes, including the banned inter-city travel.

This morning, dozens of pirate taxis had been impounded and Gweru Central Police Station had run out of space, with the police taking other impounded taxis and kombis to either Mtapa or Mkoba 1 police stations.