Pomona Waste-to-energy Deal Takes Effect Despite Opposition From CCC Councillors 

Source: Pomona Waste-to-energy Deal Takes Effect Despite Opposition From CCC Councillors – Pindula News

The e304 million investment deal to convert garbage at Harare’s main dumpsite at Pomona into a safe and inert form came to life yesterday following the city’s handover of the rubbish dump to Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited.

This is despite strong reservations by councillors belonging to the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa who argue that the deal is not sustainable and meant to enrich the contractor.

The deal involves the setting up of a modern rubbish processing plant that will generate a modest 22MW of electricity.

The project is projected to generate at least 300 jobs while the structures are being built and boost economic growth

Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited is under Geogenix BV, an international firm involved in dealing with garbage.

In a joint statement signed by acting Harare town clerk Engineer Mabhena Moyo and Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited country representative Mr Dilesh Nguwaya and read yesterday during the site handover, both parties promised to work harmoniously. Reads the statement:

The City of Harare undertakes and promises to hand over the Pomona dumpsite to Geo Pomona Waste Management Private Limited with full rights, dominion and control over the dumpsite for a period of 30 years reckoned from April 28, 2022.

A full handover-takeover inventory was undertaken yesterday, with a certificate, as agreed, to be signed by both parties.

It had been agreed that for 30 years, the City of Harare and Geo Pomona Waste Management should work hand-in-hand to ensure the contract was carried through to its successful conclusion.

The statement stated that City officials and employees would remain on site from the handover and commencement date until May 20, by that date Geo Pomona Waste Management would have exclusive management of the dumpsite.

Mr Nguwaya thanked the Government for creating a conducive environment for attracting international investors into the energy sector,

Most of the waste generated in Harare was being carried and processed in neighbouring countries, including South Africa.

Acting Harare director of works Engineer Gerald Mutumhe said the handover will establish a 30-year business venture under the build-operate-transfer model.

A city engineer, Mr Keith Mapunzamoyo, said Harare received a proposal in 2019 which was reviewed at different stages up to 2021, including carrying out feasibility studies and touring similar projects carried out by the investor in other countries, including Italy.

The deal was approved by Cabinet on February 14 and signed by Harare City Council and Geogenix BV on March 9.

It has since been granted National Project Status, a development that is expected to speed up its implementation.

Suspended Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume previously said the deal “stinks to high heavens”, adding: “It’s plain thievery.”