Pray for Zimbabwe says Pastor Evan

Dear fellow Zimbabweans

It is my hope and prayer that this message will be read by every Zimbabwean. The events currently taking place in our nation bear witness that the hand of the LORD is behind what is happening. The peace and unity being displayed by everyone has never been heard of or seen before, different races and tribes marching together and different denominations praying together. GOD is surely at work and as such I would like to appeal to us all to be careful not to worship man and look to man to bring about change  during this time but to look to GOD and to give all the praise, worship and glory to the LORD GOD for it is HE who is able to bring change to this nation. Our GOD is a jealous GOD and will not share HIS glory with any man. It is my prayer then that we will forward this message to all our groups and contacts and that we pray for the will of GOD to prevail in our nation. As we direct our praise to the LORD HE shall surely bring to completion what HE has begun. God bless you all and GOD bless our Nation.