President Mnangagwa exposes externalisers

President Mnangagwa exposes externalisers

Source: President Mnangagwa exposes externalisers | The Herald March 19, 2018

President Mnangagwa exposes externalisersPresident Mnangagwa

Felex Share, Senior Reporter

President Mnangagwa has this morning named and shamed corporates and individuals that externalised money and ignored his call to return the loot in the past three months.

The published list is dominated by individuals and companies in mining, agriculture, manufacturing and cross border freight business.

Established mining companies who looted money include African Associated Mines ($62 million), Marange Resources (54,2 million), Canadile Miners ($31,3 million), Mbada ($14,7 million), Jinan ($11 million).

Gold Driven Tobacco externalised $10,6 million while Allied Timbers spirited away $4,3 million.

Pacific Cigarette Company looted $4,1 million.

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  • comment-avatar
    Peter 3 years ago

    What is the meaning of externalisation. Please can somebody help me to understand the meaning of it as it is applied by our new government

    • comment-avatar
      Kutama 3 years ago

      Externalisation is when Zanu wants to take money from you. We had our entire business stolen from us by Zanu and then had to externalise ourselves having been persecuted and jailed and our staff attacked.there are over 3 million externalised Zimbabweans. Then there is financial externalisation when businesses put their money where Zanu cannot steal it. Externalisation is about trying to survive a Zanu genocide, looting, operation short sleeve or operation long sleeve where Zanu amputates your arm high up or ow down. I am told that Malcolm Fraser, Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington all said that Mugabe and Zanu were darlings – so they put Zanu into power 38 years ago – and then “externalised themselves” from the Zanu issue? In common English these foreign political meddlers then simply buggered off and left their mess to the people of Zimbabwe to handle? This is Zimbabwe Today.

  • comment-avatar
    Doris 3 years ago

    The ridiculous thing about this list is that there doesn’t seem to be any names relating to politicians or individuals. Also there firms mentioned that have been closed for over 5 years. This list is a joke.

  • comment-avatar

    Also Merange Resources was a goverment controlled entity – sooo as we all new – they were robbing the ‘Sheeples’