Prof Moyo Fires At Mnangagwa,Delegitimizes His Authority 

Prof Moyo Fires At Mnangagwa,Delegitimizes His Authority 

Source: Prof Moyo Fires At Mnangagwa,Delegitimizes His Authority | ZimEye

By Langton Ncube| Former Higher Education minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has refused to legitimize the President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration.

Prof Moyo whose whereabouts is unknown since the taking over of power by Mnangagwa from the former President Robert Mugabe with the assistance of the military, two weeks ago continues to blast Mnangagwa using Twitter.

In his latest posting on Twitter Thursday while responding to some messages circulating on the social media claiming that the Mnangwagwa administration had frozen all his accounts, Prof Moyo said the “so called New Era” was using the law of the jungle.

“I see some journalists & social media platforms are awash with this extract below. If it is an authentic extract of or from a legitimate official communication, then the law of the jungle is in operation in the so called New Era,” Prof Moyo posted on his Twitter account, Thursday.


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    Traicos Matirongo 2 years ago

    Prof J. Moyo should just admit that he lost the political game against President E.D. It does not help to blame the army. The army is a stockholder in ZANU.PF. The highly academic man failed to read the tactical reserve tactics that were still at ED’s disposal after the ‘Blue Ocean’. Swallow pride my Learned buddy cdes in ZANU PF have spoken. They love ED more compared to you. ED commands more respect in the Party compared to you. You tried but you failed.

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    Morty Smith 2 years ago

    I hope Mnangwagwa gets his fingers on Moyo. A reckoning is long overdue

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    Kevin 2 years ago

    They are no permanent friends or permanent enemies in politics. The professor was once a fierce critic of former president Mugabe but now is the head cheerleader. I’m sure he will warm his way back into Zimbabwean politics.

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    I think the major challenge that we have as Zims and some commentators is that we always fail to understand an idea, view or perspective of the other person from his/her side. Prof. Jonathan Moyo must be understood from his view as Professor Jonathan Moyo. Our job is to offer critics from a factual view based on intelligence and wisdom and never hate or otherwise. To those who have been following this man, you will see that most of the things he say are true but we dismiss him solely based on our hatred of him thus leading us to miss the mark.
    Understand Prof. JM from a cruel past perpetrated by our current ‘saviors’. He lost his father to the ‘moment of madness’; he was a victim sacrificed for the benefits of others (ED, Mpofu, etc) at the Tsholotsho Declaration.
    Therefore he is a man who want to prove the ugliness of our current ‘liberators’.

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    shonz 2 years ago

    moyo is highly educated but stupid all the time its time for him to close his dirty mouth and keep it for sadza. he is failing to grasp the fact that this world alwayz evolves he himself is still stagnant to politics of hatred like Tsvangirai

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    It seems we have short memories, remember (Jonathan Moyo) once said he will destroy Zanu PF from within, so it’s not something new, he used his twisted thinking and brain washed brainless Grace to to achieve his goals. I wonder the so called intellectuals within Zanu PF could not see it coming. My learned friend politics is a silent war so the shadow of his ghost is now haunting him leaving him (Pabani) with zero cent papocket. Ndozvazvinoita, if he has issues don’t try and get sympathy on media platform, man up and go and face the music and defend yourself.

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    Clanco 2 years ago

    J. Moyo is sharp mouthed & venomous.He is learned but lacks wisdom.Remember our current President & the army boss were subjected to attacks orchestrated by him but they did not respond.It is this JM again who presented a video footage against ED to the former President.It is this JM who made several verbal attacks again our army bosses.For your own information JM ,ED & our army possess the greatest of wisdom.Given the power & and influence they enjoyed they would have caused chaos had they openly reacted to those who purported to know & to wield levers of power.JM just look & analyse how those endowed with divine wisdom react.They react calmly,warn calmly,take appropriate action calmly,talk calmly,mention no names of perceived state culprits,encourage the former President to resign calmly.Dai waiva iwe JM surely you would have caused a lot of bloodshed.Surely our current leader & army are so principled.Mwari baba itiraivo zvakanaka kune vanoitirwa zvakaipa vachizvidzora nokunyarara semapenzi uye sevasipo.