Public expectations on Mnangagwa 

Source: Public expectations on Mnangagwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 25, 2017

AFTER former Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s swearing-in as President of Zimbabwe yesterday, people expect that he will be more meticulous than his predecessor Robert Mugabe and do away with the same old “deadwood” in his Cabinet.


People that spoke to NewsDay Weekender also said Mnangagwa must create a clean balance sheet in national healing and put a closure to emotive issues like Gukurahundi.

Director for the Centre for Natural Resource Governance Farai Maguwu said: “I do not expect a return of deadwood that served under Mugabe and in whose hands our economy collapsed. We need a competent Cabinet, and the second most important thing is an urgent donor conference to seek for aid to jumpstart the economy.”

He said Mnangagwa’s government must arrest corruption and reconstitute the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the rot in government and parastatals.

Zimbabwean Chevening scholar Innocent Batsani Ncube said: “Mnangagwa should rebrand Zimbabwe. He should assume moral leadership in transforming the governance culture and the political DNA, promote open, transparent and clean governance as well as creatively balance national healing and nation building. Finally he should be able to inspire Zimbabweans to rally behind or around the flag and make Zimbabwe work and rock again.”

Thabang Makwati Nare, a development consultant based in Dallas, Texas in the United States said Mnangagwa must project a new vision for Zimbabwe that will not be based on sloganeering, but actual delivery of speedy economic reforms, infrastructural projects, international re-engagement and the participation of Zimbabweans at home and in the Diaspora.

Jeffryson Chitando, spokesperson of the opposition National People’s Party said: “The Gukurahundi issue must have closure under Mnangagwa. There is need for truth to be told and an apology to the people of Matabeleland. There is also need for closure on people that disappeared like Itai Dzamara and Rashiwe Guzha.”

Harare citizen Kamurai Mudzingwa said Mnangagwa has a tall order correcting past mistakes and sprucing up his own image, and that of Zanu PF as well as the country.

He said Mnangagwa should ensure State institutions were not polarised, and come up with economic policies that attract investment. “He should ensure that a land audit is carried out so that land lying idle is utilised. Those with large farms should surrender them to the State. Natural resources should not be distributed to the party’s cronies. He must trim government and do away with the useless Senate.”