RBZ Exposes “16 Categories Of Illegally Expatriated Money” Covered Under 3-Month Amnesty

RBZ Exposes “16 Categories Of Illegally Expatriated Money” Covered Under 3-Month Amnesty

Source: RBZ Exposes “16 Categories Of Illegally Expatriated Money” Covered Under 3-Month Amnesty | ZimEye

RBZ governor John Mangudya has announced revealing 16 categories of illegally expatriated forex:

Illegally Expatriated Foreign Exchange and Assets

Illegally expatriated foreign exchange and assets should be declared to the Bank or the affected person’s bankers on “a no questions asked” basis.

An application for amnesty should be filed with the Bank or through the affected person’s bankers and such application will be treated with confidentiality. The Application form is obtainable upon request from the Bank’s Exchange Control Department or any authorised dealer.

For the avoidance of doubt, the foreign exchange or assets to be repatriated under the amnesty includes foreign exchange or assets obtained from Zimbabwe and expatriated through acts or omissions such as: –

(a) Export of any currency above permissible
(b) Smuggling of gold and other precious stones;
(c) Non-repatriation of export proceeds due to the country;
(d) Undervaluation of exports and overvaluation of imports and retention of the funds offshore;
(e) Trade misinvoicing by importers to evade customs duties, VAT, or income taxes;
(f) Non-return of temporary exports and disguised exports of samples;
(g) Payments for imports of goods and services whose corresponding value has not been received into the country;
(h) Remittance of funds used for investments offshore without Exchange Control approval;
(i) Offshore retention of funds realised from sale of local assets e.g. shares in local companies to foreign residents;
(j) Offshore retention of investment income such as dividends, profits and management fees due to the country;
(k) Remittance of funds for repayment of fictitious offshore loans;
(I) Management fees and technical fees;
(m) Settlement of purchase prices offshore, for an immovable property situated in Zimbabwe;
(n) Operation of illegal offshore bank accounts by individuals and companies funded from Zimbabwe;
(o) Offshore retention of sale proceeds realised from smuggled goods or minerals; and
(p) Any unauthorised offshore retention of funds without Exchange Control approval.
Dr JP Mangudya

1 January 2018


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    Kutama 7 months

    Come on Zanu Psycpathic Front – what about all the money you guys have stolen over the last 38 years? Gideon Gonzo with the printing press now the new RBZ Guv with another shot at the printing press. How about Made and all the stuff he stole from Kondozi? What about all the equipment and residential houses you all stole under the guise of land reform? Let’s go back to the very beginning – what about the farms that you stole from the people of ZAPU? What about all the lives and livelihoods that you stole in Matabeleland? Why are you psychopaths so worried about the money but not the people that you murdered and their families? Why? How much did Mpofu and Madzongwe steal in the FTLRP?

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    him 7 months