Re-engagement: Zanu PF must come face to face with reality 

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition calls upon the ruling party, Zanu PF to face reality and stop politicking about restrictive measures imposed on individuals and entities aligned to the revolutionary party.

Source: Re-engagement: Zanu PF must come face to face with reality – The Zimbabwean

As an umbrella body coordinating civil society organizations focusing on democracy and good governance  , we reiterate that Zanu PF should desist from abusing the sanctions mantra to cover up for gross corruption and looting of national resources by the political elite.

Human rights abuses, a legitimacy crisis on the part of Zanu PF following the disputed 2018 elections, weaponization of the law through judicial capture, shrinking of the democratic space, militarization of key state institutions, and a constitutional crisis among other ills are the key issues that the current government must face head on. These are the real vices that continue to alienate the country from the international community.

As highlighted by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Chairperson, H.E Dr. Lazarus Chakwera on October 25, 2021, restoration of human rights, democracy and governance should form part of efforts towards Zimbabwe’s re-engagement drive.

This is also contained in the statement released by the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on Restrictive Measures ,Professor  Alena Douhan.

It is unfortunate that Zanu PF continues to use propaganda to disseminate a false narrative to cover up for its mal-administration, gross corruption and rights violations.

As the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, we reiterate that an all-inclusive dialogue process facilitated by SADC is critical in unlocking the Zimbabwean crisis and facilitating re-engagement with the international community.

The current clampdown on the opposition which has resulted in attempts to assassinate  opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa  can only serve to confirm the regime’s bad human rights record and further alienate the country from the league of nations.

We implore the ruling party to desist from authoritarian tendencies and embrace political tolerance and calls for a genuine and an all-inclusive dialogue.


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    Nyoni 2 years ago

    Would that mean “Respect the rule of Law” . Maybe one rule for ZanuPF and it’s accolytes ,then another for the rest of the people not on their side. Similar to how the currency debacle is being run. Completely useless parasites no good to anyone .Why are we so stupid ,WHY!!!