Remove sanctions now, says Mwonzora 

Source: Remove sanctions now, says Mwonzora | The Herald

Remove sanctions now, says Mwonzora
Mr Mwonzora

Herald Reporter

ILLEGAL economic sanctions imposed by the West are punishing ordinary people and should be removed immediately, the country’s main opposition has said.

Addressing a Press conference yesterday, MDC leader Mr Douglas Mwonzora said there was no justification for the maintenance of sanctions by the United States and her allies as they had inflicted untold suffering on ordinary people. This comes as Zimbabwe is set to mark the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day on October 25, a day when all progressive nations join hands in the call for the unconditional removal of the illegal economic sanctions.

“Our position as the MDC-T is that we support the international re-engagement of Zimbabwe with the international community. Zimbabweans must actively participate to ensure that these measures are removed. We have been under sanctions for over two decades, the lives of the Zimbabwean people have not improved, the economic system has not improved, the social system has not improved, therefore we think that the sanctions are not working,” said Mr Mwonzora.

Since assuming power, the Second Republic — under the stewardship of President Mnangagwa — has taken pragmatic steps to re-engage the world, including hostile Western nations with the highlight of the re-engagement efforts finding expression in the united call by SADC member states to speak in unison against the sanctions annually on October 25. 

The region, Africa, and other countries have joined Zimbabwe in the call for the removal of sanctions which have choked it for over two decades now, basically by making it more difficult for Western firms and investors to deal with Zimbabwe and making it almost impossible for Zimbabwe to access most of the normal global financial institutions set up to facilitate trade and mobilise capital for development.