Resilience hailed 

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Resilience hailed
President Mnangagwa

Herald Reporter

President Mnangagwa has said Zimbabwe has the strongest, most resilient and most inspiring women in the world who deserve to be cherished by everyone.

Writing on micro blogging site Twitter as the country celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday, President Mnangagwa said: “Happy International Women’s Day to all Zimbabweans. I am certain that Zimbabwe has the strongest, most resilient and most inspiring women anywhere in the world. To all Zimbabweans I say this — let us cherish and celebrate our sisters, daughters, mothers and wives.”

The President’s message came as various activities were lined up yesterday to mark the day.

Government reiterated the importance of putting in place strategies that promote gender equality as a way of fostering sustainable development in line with the National Development Strategy 1 and the country’s Vision 2030.

The international theme for this year is “Gender equality for a sustainable tomorrow” with a national theme of “Gender mainstreaming and women empowerment in climate change and disaster risk management”.

In line with the theme, yesterday’s commemorations were focusing on how to achieve sustainable gender equality in the context of climate change, its impact on women and ways to mitigate it.

Child President Hazel Mandaza said investing in adolescent girls was one way to break inter-generational patterns of poverty. “We are reminded as adolescent girls that we grow up to be mothers,” she said.

Hazel Mandaza

“Our well-being has an impact in families and communities and because of that please nurture us, educate us and mould us so as to become responsible women of tomorrow. More educated, capacitated and recognised women have greater capacity to earn income and contribute to the sustainable development of our communities.”