Return our kings, govt implored

Source: Return our kings, govt implored – The Southern Eye

GOVERNMENT has been implored to recognise kings through a constitutional provision to address colonial legacies that erased the monarchs.

In a statement yesterday the Residents and Churches Peace Network (RECPENT), a peace building organisation formed by citizens drawn from civic society and churches, among other stakeholders, said: ”As an organisation we are calling for a review of the Constitution of the country to include traditional leaders such as Kings that used to be there before they were disbanded by the colonial regime.


“The Constitution must recognise the monarch governments based on Ubuntu and African culture. The country must install and recognise the rolls of kings and queens so that we move forward together with chiefs, headmen, paramount chiefs etc.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has, however, said his government will not allow the revival of a Ndebele King or any other kingdom under his rule.

Advocates pushing for the revival of the Ndebele monarchy argue that the coronation of their king is a simple way of celebrating their culture and heritage.


Lobengula was the last Ndebele king after a British Pioneer Column led by Cecil John Rhodes destroyed the kingdom in 1893. Mnangagwa has, however, allowed the Lozwi clan to install Mike Moyo as King of the Mambo Dynasty to revive their kingship.

“Let us revisit our culture because chiefs and headmen cannot operate alone without the King because they must report directly to the King and also keep checking the programmes of the King and the calendar for visiting holy sites like Njelele shrines and other activities to keep ubuntu and African culture,” RECPENT said.