Russia and Zambia congratulate Mugabe

06/08/2013 By FFZE

Russia and Zambia have sent congratulatory messages to President Mugabe for winning the July 31 election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin re-affirmed his readiness to continue working together with President Mugabe on further fostering the relations of friendship and co-operation between the two countries.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin

He also congratulated Zimbabwe “for holding peaceful and credible elections”.

Zambia also sent a congratulatory message to the president and called on the West to lift the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe following Zanu-PF and President Robert Mugabe’s overwhelming victory in the harmonised elections last week.

In a statement, Zambia’s acting president, who is that country’s finance minister Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda said the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, have outlived their usefulness.

He said the sanctions must be lifted in the interests of common humanity and fellowship.

Acting President Chikwanda said it has become morally implausible to maintain eternal exclusion of Zimbabwe from the community of nations.

He added that the illustrious, diligent and resourceful people of Zimbabwe should be allowed free opportunity to prosper and make a useful contribution to overall global prosperity.

Acting President Chikwanda also appealed to Zimbabweans to remain calm and united as they forge ahead for enhanced economic prosperity.

He said he is confident that President Mugabe’s re-election will promote stability and strengthen security on the continent.

Russia and Zambia have joined South Africa, Tanzania, Mauritius, Kenya and Namibia who have sent their congratulatory messages to President Mugabe on his re-election.

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    oceans 9 years ago


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      You forget that Russia and Zambia assisted us to defeat the British and their accomplices during our armed struggle. It is only a fool who will not understand our strong relations with progressive peoples of the World. Any sane person is bound to congratulate President Mugabe in his success to defeating the British and their proxies in a devastating manner.

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        Ki ki ki then its only about relations not about the event/occassion. This is why ‘level headed people’ mention it that Zambia and Russia are congratulating mgabe because they are deriving a point home (that the cheats are on it again).

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    Kevin Watson 9 years ago

    Zambia is the country that introduced vote rigging using Nikuv the Israeli vote rigging company. Putin is the consumate Eastern European vote rigger. They wouldn’t know an honest election if it bit them in the behind. They have an aversion to honest free and fair elections so no wonder they offered their congratulations.