Mugabe too is shocked

August 6, 2013 from News Day – Zimbabwe

DESTINY for Afrika Network founder Obadiah Musindo says President Robert Mugabe is also shocked by the results of the July 31 poll because of the “hand of God” that “rigged” the election to fight homosexuality.

Musindo said the election results were long prophesied, tipping Mugabe to remain President and fulfil a prophetic mandate.

Mugabe garnered 61% of the votes cast to defeat MDC-T leader Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Musindo claimed that Tsvangirai lost because God did not like his stance on homosexuality.

“What God has ordained, no one can destroy. Mugabe is not an ordinary politician. He is somebody given a special anointing by God to execute the will of God. Those who claim rigging don’t know what they are talking about. You cannot rig God, you can’t influence God,” Musindo told NewsDay at the weekend.

“This election result shocked everybody, even Mugabe himself was shocked, which is a clear demonstration that the divine hand of the Almighty God was at work. What the mighty God has set up, not even the mighty United Nations or the mighty EU (European Union) can destroy.

“I agree with Tsvangirai that the elections were rigged, but rigged by whom? By the Almighty God against him because of his stance on homosexuality.”

Tsvangirai has since declared Mugabe and Zanu PF’s victory as “null and void”.

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    Chikenen'ene 11 years ago

    the rants of a mad man.Whose prophesy is he referring to. God would not bestow leadership on a person who persecutes his own people, incite them to lie that they cant write so that they are assisted by ZANU shock troops; a leader who uses the dead for political gains, a person who denies his people basic information. Its pathetic. The Musindo’s and Pastor Ndangas are not God fearing and are worse than witches who deceive their followers for personal short-term gain.
    Mwari ngaavaregere.
    the Biblical Saul became obsessed with political power and died as political slaves so much afraid of own shaddow. Hame Va Mugabe but it looks lyk he is deep in it.

    • comment-avatar
      MikShe 11 years ago

      Spot on my friend, we have yet another raving lunatic in our midst.

  • comment-avatar
    Chikomba 11 years ago

    Chikenenene you are missing the point.God wanted mugabe to stay in power by whatever means and for a good reason.Just look at what tsvangirayi stands for:homosexuality,economic slavery,etc.This contest was unfair to mugabe because the west slaped illegal sanctions to destroy the zimbabwean economy so that the masses could blame it on mugabe and replace him with their sock puppet tsvangirai.It was an act of war and their agents were operating under the banner of the mdc.If the enemy plays dirty,you would have to be stupid to play a fair game.

  • comment-avatar
    ERAZORMAN 11 years ago

    Thats a stupid point because our new constitution do not allow homosexuality.