Saboteurs stand no chance: Govt

Source: Saboteurs stand no chance: Govt | The Sunday Mail

Saboteurs stand no chance: Govt
Minister Ncube

From Rumbi Zinyuke in Mutare
TREASURY will not give a chance to economic saboteurs as monetary authorities will come down hard on those who get in the way of Zimbabwe’s inevitable economic boom, Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube has said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Ministry’s Strategic Plan review workshop in Vumba yesterday, Prof Ncube urged Zimbabweans to unite towards economic prosperity.

“Those who want to sabotage the economy; we will not allow them to succeed in sabotaging just for the sake of it.
“Everyone should work together and realise that together we can build the country and move towards prosperity as desired in the Vision 2030 of an upper middle income status. They should either move aside or join in. Together we will achieve the objectives of Vision 2030 and move towards a middle income economy status,” he said.

Prof Ncube said Treasury will continue implementing strategies that will enforce fiscal and monetary discipline to maintain a stable economic environment and achieve an upper middle income economy by 2030.

He said the implementation of the five key areas targeted under the National Development Strategy (NDS1) would promote macro-economic discipline.

“We are discussing the five key areas in terms of development under the NDS1 around making sure we maintain a stable macro-economic environment, so we covered macroeconomic discipline, fiscal discipline and how we go about it to achieve it.

“These are critical to making sure that the environment is stable,” the Minister said. Prof Ncube last week announced a $421, 6 million budget for 2021 which is expected to spur economic growth by 7,4 percent.

He said all stakeholders including the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Insurance and Pensions Commission among others had explored ways of raising the resources to fund the 2021 National budget.
Government, he said, would also implement strategies to support motor vehicle production at Quest Motors in Mutare by providing a demand for their products as well as incentives for the vehicle manufacturer to grow and create jobs.


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    harper 10 months ago

    “Inevitable economic boom.” Wow, Obert you now have a contender for your Munchausen title.

  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 10 months ago

    This cannot be true. Zanu using Mthuli and Mangudya are the real economic saboteurs – and they are succeeding in destroying the economy by following ED/Mugabe law fare and Gono-economics, The “First Family” of “First Thieves” have open splatter to export gold and US Dollars to Dubai in exchange for Zanu Dollars which have zero value.