San community feels neglected on corona 

Source: San community feels neglected on corona – DailyNews

SAN communities in Tsholotsho and some parts of Plumtree are bitter that they are not receiving enough information on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout plans.

The San have over the years complained of being overlooked in major government programmes, which has been attributed to their remoteness from urban areas.

Last year, the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) raised the red flag over the hunger that has been affecting the minority group ever since the lockdown started in Zimbabwe.

But besides hunger, the San feel nothing much has been done to save them from the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
Tso-ro-tso San Development Trust director Davy Ndlovu yesterday said while some non-governmental  organisations have tried to penetrate the remote areas and offer food support during the lockdown, nothing much has been done in terms of information dissemination.

“It’s very unfortunate the greater San community is being treated as if they are aliens. No effort has been made so far to reach out to these people.

“While they are now aware that there is Covid-19 and the current lockdown measures, what they are not aware of is the latest talk of vaccines which I think it’s their right to know,” said Ndlovu.