Senior cops in court over US$110 bribe 

Source: Senior cops in court over US$110 bribe – NewsDay Zimbabwe

THE trial of two ex-senior police officers at Chitungwiza Police Station accused of receiving a US$110 bribe failed to kick off yesterday after their lawyer failed to turn up.


The two former cops are accused of demanding a bribe to cover up investigations on junior officers.

Charles Mutabvuka, who was the officer-in-charge, and Smackmail Chikowore, a former sergeant, were caught after receiving US$110 bribe money, which they demanded from junior police officers.

Their trial, however, could not kick off yesterday because Mutabvuka’s lawyer did not show up.

It is the State case that sometime in February 2020, Mutabvuka and Chikowore were investigating Nyasha Mupandira, Obey Muchesa and Learnmore Maburuse, who are all junior police officers over a case of criminal abuse of office.

The accused then demanded US$110 from the trio to cover up the allegations.

But the trio reported their bosses to the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) internal investigations.

A team of police officers from PGHQ set up a trap and Chikowore was caught receiving bribe money, leading to their arrest.

Magistrate Bianca Makwande postponed trial to December 3, 2020. Tafara Chirambira appeared for the State.