Sex-pests cops perish in horror crash

Three members of the ZRP died in a horrific head-on collision near Watershed School along Harare Mutare road on Sunday.

Source: Sex-pests cops perish in horror crash – The Zimbabwean

The security men were travelling to Rusape on official duty. They have been identified as D/S Benson Chingawo of CID Murehwa(driver), Batsirai Maphosa of CIO Harare (car owner) and a lady officer Franny Onai Zinyuku.

In a bizarre breach of driving regulations by the security details, Franny Zinyuku and Batsirai Maphosa, who were seated at the back seat of the car, a Mazda 3, driven by Benson Chingawo, were found naked, with Franny seated on the laps of Batsirai, suggesting that the two were having sex in the car.
It is further suggested that the accident might have occurred when the driver got distracted by the sex act and turned back to see the live porno that was playing live in the fast-moving car.

Many motorists are enraged by this type of behavior shown by the police.
“While we mourn with the bereaving families, we must point out that the discovery of what was happening in the car must be condemned with the contempt it deserves. Here we had three senior cops who were also family members with children and spouses who were engaging in immoral behavior, adultering while driving. It’s very bad. ” said one motorist who passed through the accident scene.

” My sister this shows how the police has gotten rotten. There’s no discipline anymore. This is what they are doing to our wives. ” another motorist said.

A police officer who attended the scene said Franny had more than 3 000 US dollars with her.

No official statement has been released by the ZRP yet.


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    harper 1 year ago

    A responsible report of an accident would at least mention the fate of the occupants of the other vehicle. While taking me to Goromonzi Torture Camp the CIO driver drove at high speed in the middle of the road forcing the oncoming traffic to take avoiding action.