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via How they spend mega salaries | The Herald April 5, 2014

Cuthbert Dube
Position: Booted out PSMAS CEO
Stated Salary: US$530 000
What has he done while earning that salary?:
Under Dube’s tenure Premier Service Medical Aid Society expanded its portfolio to create PMSI which saw the giant society acquire many properties around the country and offer its own medical services, from the basic to specialist care.

But somewhere along the line, he seems to have lost the plot as he started concentrating on his soccer administration role at the expense and detriment of PSMAS.

By the time of his removal, many of the society’s clients were unhappy with the service they were receiving. Those who were not lucky enough to be near a PSMI service provider risked being turned away by the service providers who were owed almost $50 million by PSMAS.

As part of his fleet, Dube boasts of a 2013 model Range Rover Evoque with a price of tag of about US$110 000 and a Land Cruiser V8 which cost around US$90 000. Parked at his homestead yesterday were two low slung sports cars whose make, ownership and other details remain unknown. But they sure did look pricey.

Residence: Dube resides in an imposing double storey house in Groombridge behind an all screening pre-cast wall. The huge pile is still being guarded by uniformed PSMAS security officers.

Personal Style:
Cuthbert Dube dresses his age in boring suits and plain shirts. But he seems to be a host par excellence with many political luminaries said to be regular partakers at his table.

Interesting tidbits:
Cuthbert Dube flew to Nigeria to consult TB Joshua. He is said to have lost the use of his lower limbs which was restored by the prophet’s healing.

Perhaps due to the deliverance or to the overriding health problems, those in the know say the man who used to be a partaker of fine liquor is now a teetotaller.

The bar at his former office at PSMAS headquarters along George Silundika is said to have felt that conversion as all alcohol immediately disappeared from the scene.

But he is said to be still a very good friend to some high-ups who have been presented with bottles of the best.


Position: Suspended CEO ZBC Holdings (currently facing allegations of $1 million fraud in the acquisition of an Outside Broadcasting (OB) van
Stated Salary: US$40 000

What has he done while earning that salary?:
Under Muchechetere’s tenure ZBC TV created sound business opportunities for Multi Choice Zimbabwe. The free-to-air decoder merchants also capitalised on the gap before Botswana spoiled the soup by getting the SABC channels pulled off the airwaves.

Local productions suffered a sea of death as independent producers were not getting any returns for their efforts. The local drama industry that did so well before Mr Muchechetere was at the helm has given way to Nigerian productions which have lowered our standards of English to unprecedented depths.

Courtesy of our licence fees and other state broadcaster resources, Mr Muchechetere glides along in the comfy leather interior of a Mercedes Benz S350 BlueTEC series, which would set one back for around $90 000.

Apart from that he also owns a Peugeot 405, Hino Truck, black Jeep Cherokee and a white Isuzu twin cab truck.

Mr Muchechetere moved up in life when he vacated his old residence at 16 Castens Avenue in Belvedere to number 5 Bargate Road in Vainona where he has a spacious yard.

His house is all elegance with straight lines and a graceful harmony with the greenery that surrounds it. A thatched gazebo is presumably the entertainment arena that the public broadcaster put up for him.

Personal Style:
This gentleman tries to go for the classic gentleman’s look but does not quite pull it off. As for the short-sleeved suit that he spotted for his court appearance, the best that can be said about it was that maybe he was trying to anticipate the prison garb he would have had to don if bail had been denied. His clothes look quite expensive but rarely do they suit as they ought to.

Interesting tidbits:
Those in the know say the gentleman came from a humble background but has evolved into a connoisseur of the finest tastes in life.

Mr Muchechetere is known for an almost militaristic kind of leadership with subordinates seemingly afraid rather than respectful of him. His arrogance is well-known and typified in the speech he gave those who queried why they should pay ZBC licences yet they listen to or watch other channels. Mr Muchechetere told you and I to just pay up and shut up.


Name: Reward Kangai
Position: CEO Netone
Stated Salary: US$43 693

What has he done while earning that salary? — He heads the first mobile operator in the country which dismally failed to capitalise on the fact that it was a monopoly and had a chance to corner the market before the competition could get an edge in. From the perception that it was the executive’s brand of choice, Netone has tumbled to the operator that is only favoured by people who have no choice of networks in the sticks.

Wheels: He owns several cars including a 4MATIC Mercedes Benz 350 CDI worth not less than US$100 000.

Residence: This gentleman is domiciled in Borrowdale. To be his neighbour you need at least half a million for a basic structure. The extras like the Jacuzzi will cost a little bit more.

Personal Style: Mr Kangai goes for the classic executive look with dark suits, white shirts and power ties. This is all usually pulled together with leather black shoes.

Interesting tidbits: The gentleman is reputedly a hygiene freak who will not drink from a glass even in the up market restaurants. He is said to prefer the offerings of his own table. Obviously the thought of all the pathogen-ridden lips that may have kissed the rim of the glass makes him shudder. So he only uses disposable tumblers or drinks straight from the manufacturer’s package using a straw.

It is the same fear of disease that presumably makes the man use tissue to operate elevator buttons, open doors and otherwise protect himself from coming into contact with any other surface that is touched by the hoi polloi.

A reliable source says that the CEO of Netone has been known to openly show his displeasure at the disgusting habits of male subordinates who exit the boy’s room without washing their hands after a visit to the urinary.

Those who fly high say that the CEO’s son has married a Kenyan woman and the wedding was held in that country  this past December. And lucky invited guests got to fly out on a specially chartered flight.


Name: James Matiza
Position: General Manager NSSA

Stated Salary: A basic of $20 880, 78 before tax and inclusive of an annual holiday allowance of $7 800, housing allowance of $2 647, representation allowance of $661, 90 and telephone allowance of $132,38. He is also entitled to medical aid contribution pegged at $234, monthly fuel worth $560 and club fees of $108, 33.

What has he done while earning that salary?: NSSA is paying pensioners a measly $60 a month because according to the managers of the national pension funds, that is equitable to what this mass of the great unwashed contributed. Meanwhile the authority is busy making some questionable and ill-advised investments with our contributions.

These include the Beitbridge hotel, a medical centre that has become a white elephant and millions poured into financial ventures. The authority executives have also given themselves major loans at below market rates at the direct cost of present and future pensioners who will continue to get peanuts if their money continues to be lavished on risky investments and pricey lifestyles.

Wheels: His fleet includes a 4,2 litre Toyota Land Cruiser whose fuel tank would certainly not be filled on a measly $60 which pensioners have to make last a whole month.

Residence: Mr Matiza practically lives on embassy row in Highlands,  the area most favoured by diplomatic missions to house their ambassadors.

Price properties range from US$200 000 to about $750 000 depending on additions and extras. Mr Matiza got a cheap housing loan from the authority along with all his executive friends at NSSA.

Personal Style: Mr Matiza is another boring executive type whose grooming is straight from the textbook with no personal pizzazz to single him out in a room full of banker types.

We wish he was equally conservative in his investment choices with our money which we give him out of our meager salaries each month.

Interesting tidbits: Mr Matiza is said to be quiet and reserved with his personal life a book safely ensconced behind high mansion walls and a marked absence on the usual social scenes for his peers. In his professional capacity, he is said to be a very just and fair boss who is adamant that he will not chew our pension contributions alone.

Whenever any deal is approved for him, the whole team from management to the lowest sweeper will get what are deemed their dues.

Which is wonderful for NSSA workers, but bad news for the rest of us since Mr Matiza seems to be entitled to quite a lot of the proceeds of our sweat.


Name: Leslie Gwindi
Position: Harare City Council Spokesperson.

Stated Salary: A city salaries report dated December 12, 2013 submitted to Kingdom Bank showed that he pocketed a salary of $15 204

What has he done while earning that salary?: The City of Harare brand is at its nadir with service delivery shoddy and engagement of ratepayers non-existent. Mr Gwindi has done little to push for the city brand to tango with its stated objectives of making Harare a world class city. Media practitioners mostly say they find Gwindi arrogant and unwilling to tackle hard interviews.

Wheels: Courtesy of you and I, Mr Gwindi recently got the keys to a brand new VW  Amarok, to replace a Mercedes Benz E Class which he recently totalled in road traffic accident.

Residence: The gentleman daily burns fuel bought with the money we pay for non-existent services for a return trip from Mazowe where he owns a plot. But he is going to join us in the capital sometime soon as his mansion in Borrowdale is under construction.

Personal Style: Gwindi goes for the casual looks which he is to be found rocking in his favourite hangouts, which are bars around the city where whisky is his drink of choice.

Interesting tidbits: He used to be a habitué of The Usual Place at Jameson Hotel and Jazz 105 but has since transferred his allegiance to Bollero in Newlands. During a maintenance row in 2009, his former wife one Tendai  told a packed court that Gwindi is  a womaniser. He has been known to beat his chest as he proclaims that he is a “Mhofu”, a totem associated with typical perchance for skirt chasing. Another  Harare woman Zuva Damson successfully instituted maintenance claims against him.

Just recently Gwindi forked out a cool $6 000 fine without breaking a sweat to satisfy the conditions of the judgment that was handed to him for misconduct and bringing the game of football into disrepute following public utterances he made in Bulawayo last year.

He allegedly denigrated Zifa, former Warriors coach Klaus Dieter Pagels and condemned Delta Beverages’ sponsorship package of the Premier Soccer League.

He also paid a $3 000 appeal fee and then paid $5000 to run against Cuthbert Dube in the Zifa elections. Towards the run up to the Zifa elections Gwindi held press conferences at Crowne Plaza hotel which charges US$450 per hour for a press conference with more than 20 people excluding drinks.



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    Don’t know what is motivating The Herald here, but these crawling maggots deserve exposure.

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    Mmmm. A Tasty “Hit-List”, with all the useful details!

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    cuthbert dube
    improve your reporting please ! salary USD 530 000 ??? what per day, per month or per annum – IT IS IN FACT PER MONTH – get this correct for it to have the required impact for readers.

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    For me the standard of writing of this article is poor to say the least. I suggest the writer reads some of Jay Naidoo’s articles in the Daily Maverick on leaders, mostly from Africa & the developing world, that he would vote for. As will be seen he has done a reasonably in depth article on each which makes for good reading & a greater understanding of the person of whom the article is written. Quite frankly I feel this is the same of all Zimbabwe media web sites who tend to skim over their articles. Come on Editors we deserve better.

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    May the good Lord continue to expose all the evil that Zimbabwe and the ruling elite have become. There is a special judgment awaiting those who have trampled on the heads of the poor and it will be eternal. I strongly advise to all to repent NOW!

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    These individuals should be sue to recover some of all this loot!

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    Oh really? How about revealing wealth from the top starting with Bob then go down the line,I.e. Senate Head etc. this must include how many farms they have grabbed.