People to decide successor; #mugabe tells Mujuru, Mnangagwa

via Presidency not guaranteed, Mugabe NewZimbabwe 05/04/2014 by Herald

NEITHER Vice-President Joice Mujuru nor Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa have an automatic ticket to take over leadership of the country, as the people will have their say and choose who they deem fit to be president, President Mugabe said yesterday.

The President, who was speaking in response to reports of factionalism in the ruling Zanu-PF pitting factions reportedly led by the two senior Politburo members, said no individual owned the revolutionary party.

Addressing members of the Gushungo Clan at Murombedzi Growth yesterday, President Mugabe said presidential aspirants would be elected through the Zanu-PF congress.

President Mugabe said VP Mujuru and Minister Mnangagwa were not the only people who could take over from him as the pool of potential leaders was large.

There have been persistent reports over the years that VP Mujuru and Minister Mnangagwa are vying for the Presidency and have built factions in Zanu-PF around them.

But yesterday President Mugabe said: “Izvi tirikutaura nekuti kumaprovince akawanda kwanga kune nyaya iyoyo yekudhivhaidhana kuti vamwe varikunzi ndevaMai Mujuru pane zvesuccession, vamwe ndevaMinister Mnangagwa vachinzi ndovaviri varikuda kuzotora chigaro chaPresident kana varetire (I am saying this because in many provinces we hear of divisions along factional lines. It is said Mai Mujuru and Minister Mnangagwa are aspiring for the presidency).

“Vanhu vanosarudza vavanoda. Handi vaviri ivava chete. The day I retire the people can choose any other leader they think is the best candidate.”

President Mugabe said he still had unfinished business to sort out before stepping down.

“Morega kuteerera vanoda kukurovanisai musoro vachiti uyu ndewekwavaChombo uyu ndewekwavaShamu. Hatina izvozvo. Vanhu vese ndeve Zanu-PF. VaChombo havana vanhu vavo, vaShamu havana vanhu vavo. VaMugabe havana vanhu vavo. Ndiri mukuru weZanu-PF. Ndinotungamirira Zanu-PF ine vanhu.

“Vatinoti mamembers edu eZanu-PF, ndivo vanhu ivavo vatinoti vedu. Ndo vanhu vamunoti vaChombo venyu ivavo veZanu-PF. VaMliswa ndo vanhu venyu ivavo kwete vanhu vanonzi ava vanoteerera zvavaChombo ava vanoteerera zvavaMliswa. VaMliswa vanoda kuve nechigaro chakati, vaChombo varikuda kuzoti vave nechigaro chakati. Hatidi izvozvo kwete,” he said.

President Mugabe said aspiring leaders should not deviate from Zanu-PF’s ideology and principles.

He chronicled his rise to the Presidency from being secretary for information and publicity in the National Democratic Party in 1960.

President Mugabe said he became secretary-general when Cde Ndabaningi Sithole started denouncing the party.

As a result of nationally-oriented policies, he said he won resoundingly in most areas across the country, including Matabeleland and Manicaland provinces, in the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections.

President Mugabe took a swipe at high-ranking party officials who opted for rural seats in elections while scurrying from urban contests. The President called this “bad politics” that had cost Zanu-PF in Harare and Bulawayo.

“Takadyiwa zvedu muBulawayo sekudyiwa kwatakaitwawo muHarare matakangowana zvigaro six chete, zvinotonyadza, out of 26. Makaremo matinoti ndimo muberere medu.

“Ndizvo zvazvinoita nekuti tinenge tisina maleaders. Maleaders makuru nguva yedu takanga tisingadzvamuke kuenda kumisha kwedu kwatakazvarirwa ndokunoita politics dzedu. Aiwa taiti vakuru tiri muHarare ini ndaive muHighfields,” he said.

President Mugabe, however, spoke light-heartedly about how he had tried to help Cdes Tendai Savanhu, Amos Midzi and Christopher Chigumba campaign for seats in Harare.

He said he went to Epworth’s Dombo raMwari section several times to campaign for Cde Midzi to the extent that he now called the place Dombo raSatan owing to repeated electoral losses there.

President Mugabe said Politburo members ended up clashing with provincial leaders when they opted to stay away from urban areas. He reiterated that provincial chairpersons were in charge of provinces.

He, however, said provincial chairpersons should respect national leaders.

President Mugabe also warned high-ranking party and government officials – including ministers – implicated in corrupt and underhand dealings that there would be no sacred cows in the anti-graft crusade.

“Ngativei vanhu vanoramba vakabatana, takabatanidzwa nemusangano tichiziva gwara remusangano; vatungamiri vari vatungamiriri pachokwadi. Vane hutsvene kwete mbavha . . . hatidi.

“Saka iyezvino tirikuda kutsvaira nyaya dzacho idzi. Hapana anosara tikangowana kuti uyu anga ane humbavha mubhangi kana kupi hwekuba mari dzehurumende kana dzevamwe. Kana iri mhosva unozoguma wava mujerika,” he said to thunderous applause.

President Mugabe said no corrupt person – whether in government or the security services – would be spared.

“Saka hatikudzivirire. Saka ndirikuti kumaMinister angu ese, macivil servants vese, vese vari kuArmy officers, vari kupolice . . . kwese hatidi nyaya idzodzo dzekumisa vanhu mumugwagwa washaya mari yedoro,” he said.

Turning to the Bepere Chieftainship, which stems from the Zvimba chieftaincy, President Mugabe said the Local Government Ministry should expedite formalisation of the title.

Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Minister Dr Ignatius Chombo said the chieftaincy was necessitated by the growing number of people in the area after the land reforms at the turn of the millennium.

The meeting drew members of the Gushungo clan including Chief Zvimba and his headmen, Zvimba West MP Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi, Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial chair Cde Temba Mliswa, and Minister of State for Mashonaland West Faber Chidarikire, among others.



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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    Kusvika riiniko mudhara uyu (Mugabe) achinopota about his cabinet which is full of corrupt and incompetent ministers, nepotists, tribalists, thieves, etc. It has been years since this old man started sing that song: one-minister-one farm, no theft of public resources by ministers, blaaa, blla, blaa…. But so far its more endless talk & no action from him. Anyway, we are not surprised becoz even his own wife is doing those same thing that he continues to bark about at any given opportunity.

    Taneta vaMugabe nenhema dzenyu. Chikwadi ndechokuti imi nemukadzi wenyu pachenyu hamuna kuchena. Muri kungota zose zvamuri kuti vamwe varege, pamadiro. Saka wamunoda kuti aregedze ndiyani; imi muchizviita? A case in point, is you talked of one-man one-farm principle. But can u stand up in any forum and proclaim iwe Mugabe kuti pauri ipapo, iwe woga, minus your wife, has one farm? Of course u may say it becoz to you a lie & truth are one and the same.

    In short, this old man should simply spare poor Zimboz his uncalled for pretence; and just continue with his looting of public resources together with his clique until time catches up with some of them.

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    If the people had to truly decide bob’s successor it would be NO One from ZPF.ZPF has zero peoples faith. get it!

  • comment-avatar
    John Thomas 8 years ago

    If the people were free to choose Mugabe and his carrion eaters would have been out in 1996

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    He talks like people have magical wands to detect the best person to succeed him. People choose based on candidate whose campaign is the most effective. How do people in his party choose his successor when succession topic is taboo and potential candidates are not selling their ideas. And who in his party has a saleable idea on corruption.

  • comment-avatar
    Roving Eagle 8 years ago

    When did mugabe last directly address burning national issues not at some peripheral gathering of his clan or family or a funeral?

  • comment-avatar
    johann 8 years ago

    “He still has unfinished business” meaning He still needs to dis-invent the wheel.

  • comment-avatar
    Zvakwana 8 years ago

    What the 1000 ZPF people?

  • comment-avatar
    Zichaera 8 years ago

    With regard to the succession issue,the President is hiding behind a blade of grass.If he died today,Parliament would adhere strictly to the constitutional imperatives to elect the successor.

  • comment-avatar
    Kjvbiblestudent 8 years ago

    If Zimbabwe doesn’t turn to the Lord Jesus Christ; nothing good will happen for it. Politics isn’t about flesh and blood; it is spiritual. If Mugabe died; another similar personnwould come along with the SAME spirit and act in the same way.

    Zimbabwe is infested with Catholicism; the President is a Jesuit! Jesuits all make oaths to destroy “protestantism”; both are false but protestantism at least realises the Pope is corrupt. I digress; but, Mugabe is not a Christian, and that is so blatantly obvious but people need to realise that Mugabe is a Jesuit whose leader is the Pope. Mugabe will not be the one to lead Zimbabwe to Jesus Christ.

    Just think of how great it is for the Pope to have Zimbabwe in ruins. The people will be poor but will gave their last mites to the RCC; bringing the people under their power. This is pure speculation but; what if the people of Zimbabwe, the Catholics vote for Mugabe thinking he is a servant of God because they know he is a Jesuit? Catholicism is a rottenness to the bones and the leader of Zimbabwe is a devout Catholic; do you think that God will bless a nation led by a Catholic; even more specifically; a Jesuit?!

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    The fate of the country is in God s hands .Lets not worry much abt our leaders ,God wil provide just in the same way the Israelite were given their King David .

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    So Robert Jr of the Gushungo clay was toold that you can join the fray and stand 4 presidency. The Kabila way of succession lands in Zimbabwe