Stanbic rescues people living with albinism

Source: Stanbic rescues people living with albinism   – NewsDay Zimbabwe

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Stanbic Bank has donated products worth over $3.5 million to the Albino Charity Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALCOZ) as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) contribution towards the welfare of people living with albinism.

The financial services institution donated 1 000 units of sunscreen lotions, 1 000 units of antibacterial soap, 1 000 units of antiseptic liquid, 1 000 units of lip balm, 1000 units of antiseptic ointment and 1 000 sunhats.

Stanbic has a long standing relationship with ALCOZ and the donation marked the sixth consecutive year the bank has assisted the organisation as the  institution played its part in cushioning the under-privileged in society.

Stanbic sponsorship manager Lucy Dlodlo said the bank was committed to play a part in helping protect people living with albinism from the sun as it has serious negative effects on their sensitive skin.

“As we consolidate our relationship with ALCOZ we at Stanbic Bank have grown to appreciate the challenges people living with albinism face especially in terms of sensitivity to sun rays but also in relation to the rising cost of living. We know that these skin protection products are priced out of the reach of many, hence Stanbic Bank now sets aside funds annually to meet their needs,” Dlodlo said.

ALCOZ director, Loveness Mainato expressed gratitude over the bank’s continued support in providing necessities for their members.

“The timing by Stanbic Bank could not have been better. We thank you for coming just as the weather is changing from being chilly to blazing hot. There is nothing as discomforting as seeing someone with albinism struggling due to lack of skin protection products. We really feel for the parents of people living with albinism in these trying economic times and are so grateful that Stanbic has spared a thought for our members,” Mainato said.

Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited condition which occurs worldwide regardless of ethnicity or gender. It commonly results in the lack of melanin in the hair, skin, and eyes, causing vulnerability to sun exposure.

People living with albinism need protection from the harmful effects of the sun owing to the lack of melanin in their skin which serves as a shield from the sun. They rely on sunscreen lotions, special oils and lip balm for protection from the sun.