Supporters cling on to Mugabe regalia

Supporters cling on to Mugabe regalia

Source: Supporters cling on to Mugabe regalia – DailyNews Live

Mugove Tafirenyika      5 March 2018

HARARE – Delays by Zanu PF in distributing new party regalia emblazoned
with Emmerson Mnangagwa has resulted in continued use of paraphernalia
emblazoned with toppled despot Robert Mugabe’s face, it has emerged.

Despite President Mnangagwa’s ruling party prohibiting the wearing of
Mugabe’s regalia following his military aided ouster last year, T-shirts
bearing Mugabe’s name remain a common sight among Zanu PF supporters

The situation has seen party provincial bigwigs having to repeatedly warn
Zanu PF supporters against continued use of paraphernalia inherited from
the “ancient regime”.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo confirmed that information had not
yet reached all of the party’s supporters that the Mugabe regalia is now
considered obsolete.

“The commissariat department is the one responsible for ensuring that
supporters put on the proper party regalia and I am sure are in the
process of communicating that information to the provinces and sooner than
later it will be uniform throughout,” Khaya Moyo said.

Zanu PF secretary for administration Obert Mpofu told journalists in
Bulawayo recently that the party was now done with designing the new
regalia that has since been approved by the Zanu PF politburo.

“The regalia will appeal to the majority of our members.

“It is quite a well thought-out design which I think all of us will be
happy with,” said Mpofu.

Manicaland provincial chairperson Mike Madiro recently reminded Zanu PF
supporters in the province that they needed to start marketing Mnangagwa’s
name ahead of elections.

“We have those with old party regalia such as Zambia cloths and T-shirts
displaying former president (Robert) Mugabe’s face, we should stop putting
them on and wait for the new regalia emblazoned with … Mnangagwa’s face
so that we can market him in districts ahead of the polls.

“We want people to know him,” Madiro reportedly told an inter district
meeting at Mutare Hall last week.


  • comment-avatar
    Ndebele 4 years ago

    But ED has told them all and the world that Mugabe remains an Icon? It will be good see how long his Iconic Status lasts if he mounts a counter coup?

  • comment-avatar
    clifford 4 years ago

    Mugabe yes is an icon.its true for cde E D Munangagwa to say so since they were together for over 50yrs.