The day has finally come!

Source: The day has finally come! – The Standard July 29, 2018

My People, The day has finally come for millions of Zimbabweans to exercise their democratic right to elect their own leaders.


And I am urging each and everyone of you who can make it, to go out in your millions and vote.
This will help make the majority of our people key stakeholders as they would have contributed to the establishment of their government.

More Russian meddling?

We are all aware of how Russian President Vladimir Putin is alleged to have meddled in the US national election resulting in the election of a president of his choice, The Donald, Donald Trump.

This has resulted in the superpower being the laughing stock of the world as the land of the brave and the free is being ruled by a person who was the preferred candidate of a Russian “dictator”.

It was therefore worrying to see Lizard Dhakisi cozying up with Putin in South Africa last week during a BRICS summit, given the swirling questions about how the Russians have tried to influence or actually influenced electoral outcomes in some instances.

The MDC should have wailed loud and clear about the development.

They should have insisted on finding out what the two spoke about. Did their conversation in any way make reference to the election outcome in Zimbabwe?

It did not help matters that a few days earlier, a mystery cargo consignment was reported to have arrived in Zimbabwe.
The cargo attracted tight security from the boys in uniform who received it. Mobile phones were confiscated from anybody near the cargo.

The Ruskies have been our friends from the days of the liberation war when they supplied arms to our freedom fighters.
They also have business interests in Zimbabwe.

But again, expecting the opposition to read anything into the interaction would be expecting too much from them.

After all, they allow  their leader to stray into international politics without anybody holding his hand.

Whoever came up with the bright idea to let the young leader dabble in Israeli-Arab politics does not want him to enjoy doing  press-ups at State House!

I hope he knows from which country the company that they hate called NIKUV comes from.

Shut your mouth!

I think it is a fair statement to say that the ‘President’ of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has refused to go for elections while trying his best to fiddle with the constitution to see how he can get another illegal term.
I don’t know if we can still refer to that country as Democratic.

There is also a gentleman who is supposed to be representing that country in Zimbabwe called Mr Mawampanga Mwanananga.
With nothing much happening in his country worth talking about, he was reported to have said Zimbabweans have been granted too much freedom.

We all hope he was misquoted. If true, then we would be interested to know what he has been smoking.
We further hope it is nothing illegal.

Best advice we have for him is to apologise, keep his mouth shut and avoid embarrassing himself and all the people of DRC.

In short, Mr Mwanananga, Unopenga! Unopenga!

Tea with white farmers

Many years ago, Morgan Tsvangirai was filmed seated among white commercial farmers and receiving all sorts of largesse including money from them ahead of key elections.

The government’s response was earth-shattering. Soon, blood was flowing on the farms.

Fast-forward to many years later. Senior government officials hold an exclusive “whites only”event at which tea and muffins are served.

Another one is held for mainly people of Indian origin.

The question is: What has changed now? Are the two Zimbabwean communities going to find themselves being abused again for political gain?

But even more concerning, was that a black government was in a hurry to make peace with one section of its community while it has steadfastly refused to apologise for the genocide committed by its soldiers and politicians who now constitute part of the senior government leadership.

Surely that ain’t right?

Concentration camps for children in USA?

So children of undocumented immigrants in the USA have been separated from their parents  for some time?

This happening in a nation of essentially immigrants who came from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and other parts of the world and overwhelmed the indigenous Americans?

Can you imagine if the separation of children was being done by an African government?
Righteous  indignation indeed.

Happy voting!
Dr Amai Stopit! PhD(Fake)

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