The MDC wrangle is not an entirely internal issue 

Source: The MDC wrangle is not an entirely internal issue – The Zimbabwean

Nelson Chamisa

Of course, no one can deny that Chamisa’s ascendency to the realm could have been marred by some legal irregularities – but, the manner in which Khupe, Mwonzora, Komichi, have gone about it, undoubtedly exposes an enemy hand. Had this matter been an entirely internal problem, this would have been easily resolved through negotiating.

No one can deny that Chamisa – no matter how he was appointed deputy president by Tsvangirai, or how he rose to the presidency after his death – was the only best hope for the MDC to win any election. Thus, if Khupe wanted to face reality, she would have admitted this fact, and regularised Chamisa’s presidency, through some sort of compromise.
If the truth be told, the only reason why Komichi and Mwonzora supported Chamisa, before the 2018 elections, was that, they saw it as the only way they could personally win any seats in parliament – or even be in government, should Chamisa win the presidential election.

The only reason they have now decided to side with Khupe is that, both of them – although, having won the parliamentary seats – lost at the MDC Alliance congress, and MDC Alliance didn’t form the next government.
So, now they have become willing puppets in ZANU PF’s attempts to destabilize the Alliance, with the vain hope of a GNU – which I seriously doubt will be forthcoming, as ZANU PF is known for its broken promises.

Let’s not forget that even Tsvangirai was duped into supporting the Nov 2017 coup, with the promise of being part of a post-Mugabe GNU.

I foresee a very sad end for Khupe, Mwonzora, and Komichi, as they will be dumped into political wilderness by ZANU PF.

However, Chamisa still stands a very good chance of pulling through all these shenanigans, as he has the people’s support. ZANU PF and it’s MDC-T puppets may try to destroy Chamisa and the Alliance, but the voice of the people will have the final say.
The only hindrance to this is if Chamisa misses this opportunity to mobilize and galvanize the people to stand up against the regime and MDC-T – something he is currently severely falling short on.

If he continues to solely rush to the courts (which are obviously captured), instead of the 2 million plus supporters he has standing firmly with him, the more he risks the real danger of losing them.

People are not supporting Chamisa just for the sake of supporting Chamisa – as if he was some soccer team.
They are supporting him because they want to see immediate change in their daily livelihoods – and if they don’t see him taking charge, they will abandon him. Not for any other party, as there is currently a huge political vacuum – but will merely retreat into apathy.

That sad scenario will leave everyone stranded – the people of Zim will continue suffering without any foreseeable helper (unless they finally decide to boldly confront the regime by themselves, as citizen power), similarly Chamisa will be in political limbo, and so will Khupe, Mwonzora, and Komichi.

ZANU PF will not have a large following (as most of their support base is dwindling on a daily basis, as more and more people find the suffering unbearable), but just enough to hold on to power – just like what was the prevailing situation before the 1999 establishment of the MDC.